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Jack and Finn Harries

No description

anne spruijt

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of Jack and Finn Harries

Jack and Finn Harries
Jack Harries
- Jack and Finn are twins
- They are from London.
- They are both 19 years old.
- They make funny video's for youtube.
- The youngest of the twins.
- Born at 13 of May 1993 ( 19 years old)
- From London.
- 2006: Professional acting debut at the age of thirteen, playing in a television movie, 'Perfect Parents.'
- 2008: Jack joined the cast of comedy programme 'School of Comedy.' His twin brother Finn also played in that programme.
- 2011: Jack played in a KFC commercial.
- July 2011: Jack started his own youtube channel together with his brother Finn (Jacksgap) as a way of documenting his gap year for his family and friends after finishing high school.
- April 2012: JacksGap hit 10,000 subscribers and Jack was invited to become a YouTube Partner. He started to earn more with his video's, so he was able to travel in his gap year.
Finn Harries
- The oldest of the twins (2 minutes older)
- Born at 13 of May 1993 ( 19 years old)
- From London.
What have they already done?
Scuba Diving
On a jetski
What makes them famous?
By Anne Spruijt & Julia Holdorp
The End
- 8-11-2011; First 'twin' video
- Discount card for students in london.
- Finn is the founder, and Jack is his partner.
- 13-06-2012: Monstercard
- More views, so permanent.
-Video's for youtube
- Became more populair & more views.
- Everywhere they come they meet fans
- Videos with other Youtubers.
- Youtube Gatherings
- New ideas; music mondays, challenges.
100.000 Subscribers
- something special
- naked bungeejump
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