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Gillian Freytag

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of HENRY FORD

invented by: Henry Ford
when: December 1, 1913

productions of products to be assembled
from operation to operation until completed though an arrangement of workers, equipment, and machines.

What problem did this solve?
The manufacturing of a car (model T) could be broken down into 84 steps. The Model T had
interchangeable parts
; therefore, it could be organized quicker, which
increased profit,
reduced wasted effort.

How did this change peoples lives?
The work day was shortened from 9 hours to 8 hours
Workers were payed $5 a day
More people could buy cars that were inexpensive-- sales fell from $850 to $360 in 1930 which is triple their 1912 level.
Spread to many industrial nations, allowing them to make large profits
By Lily Freytag
Inventions Before
During the early 19th century, the development of
machine tools
such as
the screw-cutting lathe
metal planer
, and
milling machine
, allowed the production of interchangeable parts.
Metal planner
Milling machine
Screw- cutting table
Inventions After
by 1927, 15 million model T cars were produced, increasing transportation
Positive and negative effects
Production levels increase
workers able to focus on manufacturing one small part of the product, not the entire thing
increased use of machines: FAST--> cheaper goods produced for middle and upper class Americans
economy expanding

Small, local businesses owned by middle and lower classes were shut down
less workers were needed so lower class had hard time finding jobs
rich=richer, poor=poorer
environment polluted
It became a more efficant way for factories to produce more output with less workers

more airplanes could be produced in smaller time

today we still use assembly lines for almost anything

To what extent does innovation and technology create a better world?
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technology allows us to communicate faster (across the ocean in shorter time)
create ideas that can help others
-- medicines prevent ad control diseases
advance and learn things about our surroundings
contact any person from anywhere in the world

everything around us is developed by a technological advantage
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