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Rachel Gonzalez

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Religion

Stations Of The
Cross Starving kids are relevant to this station
because kids are condemned to dying because
of starvation. Being an alcoholic can be a fall because he or she may have messed up their life. They need to focus on the important things and get their life together. 1. Jesus is condemned to death. 3. Jesus falls for the first time. 4.Jesus meets his sorrowful mother 4. Jesus meets his sorrowful mother. "Jesus most suffering, Mary Mother most sorrowful, if, by my sins, I caused you pain and anguish in the past, by God's assisting grace it shall be so no more." 5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross. 2. Jesus takes up his cross. This relates to the station because not being
able to make ends meat to support themselves
or family. 6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. 7. Jesus falls a second time. Doing drugs can be a fall because
she has ruined her life. She has to go
to rehab to get herself cleaned and
back on track with her life. Someone trying to get over a death and praying to God can be related to this station because you may be down or depressed. Jesus is going to help you get through it. Someone going through problems or going
through a hard time and someone is there to help
you could be related to this station. 8. Jesus meets the woman of Jerusalem "My Jesus, Who comfort the pious women of Jerusalem who wept to see Thee bruised and torn, comfort my soul with Thy tender pity, for in
Thy pity lies my trust. May my heart ever answer Thine." 9. Jesus falls a third time Prostitution can be a fall because the girl is not
doing what God would want her to do. She is
choosing the wrong direction in life. 10. Jesus is stripped of His garments. This is related to the station because
they have been forced to the streets. 11. Jesus is nailed to the cross. "My Jesus, by Thine agony when the cruel nails
pierced Thy tender hands and feet and fixed them
to the cross, make me crucify my flesh by Christian penance." 12. Jesus dies on the cross 13. The body of Jesus is taken down
from the cross "O Mary, Mother most sorrowful, the sword of grief pierced thy soul
when thou saw Jesus lying lifeless ; obtain for me hatred of sin because
sin thy Son and wounded thine own heart, and grace to live a Christian
life and save my soul." 14. Jesus is laid in the tomb "My Jesus, beside Thy body in the tomb I, too, would lie dead; but if I live, let it be for Thee, so as one day to enjoy with Thee in heaven the fruits of Thy passion and Thy bitter death."
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