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iLeap Consulting Company Profile

Everything you need to know about iLeap Business and Training Consultancy

ileap consulting

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of iLeap Consulting Company Profile

Execution is a quantum leap
from just dreaming WHO ARE WE? Team Competency Technical Expertise Experience Matters Advocacy Methodology iLeap is a Business and Training Consultancy that helps businesses achieve overall organizational wellness. In this fast paced modern age, our team is on its quest to elevate the standards of defining potential by equipping organizations with a contemporary partnership suited to fit the demands of a globally competitive environment. SERVICES Big Leap Think Leap Business Leap Learning and Development Management and Business Courses
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Personal and Behavioral Development Programs
Team Enhancement
Customer Service Excellence
Co-developed Corporate University Curriculum
Consulting We do not provide answers, rather we help you find it.
Business and Management Consulting
Executive Coaching
Business and Strategic Planning
Performance Management Structuring
360-Degree Assessment
Organizational Climate Survey
Market Survey and Mystery Shopping
Focus Group Discussion Facilitation Outsourcing Our goal is to help our partners to maximize their business efficiency and profitability while experiencing globally competitive solutions. Recruitment Management and Executive Search
Payroll and Benefits Management
Personnel File Management
Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Flexible Benefits System Technology
Customer Relationship Management System
Content Management System
Customized POS Systems
Web and Systems Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Graphic and Digital Design
Marketing Collaterals Conceptualization and Design The iLeap Way Needs Assessment Solution Formulation and Planning Plan Implementation Program Evaluation Recommendation and Consulting Follow-through Initiatives THE ILEAP LEAGUE Subject Matter Experts
Industry Practitioners
Professors The iLeap League Fields of Expertise: Human Resources
Organizational Development
Business Operations
Supply Chain Management
Business Management
Sales and Marketing
Change Management
Turn-around Management
Continuous Improvement
Six Sigma
English Language Proficiency
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Effective Business Communication
Information Technology
Customer Service Excellence
Team Management and Team Building
Personal Development
Call us:
+(63 2) 2158081 / +(63 2) 2117959
+(63 2) 8300205 / +(63 2) 8300699
Fax mail us:
+(63 2) 8122977
Email us:
www.ileapconsulting.com Let's start a conversation for change. Leap Intelligently.
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