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English By the Waters of Babylon

No description

Lucy Hoard

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of English By the Waters of Babylon

By the Waters of Babylon
Ethical- John is going to become a priest because his father is one and he is able to hold metal
Effective Language Techniques
The author used imagery with sight, touch, sounds, taste, and smell.
For example:
When John ate from one of the "enchanted jars", the author described it as being sweet.
Story: Benét, Stephen Vincent. (2012). p314-326. Prentice Hall Literature (common core edition)
Thesis Statement
John's quest to become a man and gain more knowledge
Parallel Structure
When deciding where to travel, John saw an eagle flying and later deer with a white fawn going East. Even though it was forbidden, John went east.
Figurative Language
Examples of Figurative Language in By the Waters of Babylon (page 319):
John, who is the priest's son, goes on a journey to become a man. On this journey he heads East to a forbidden land: the Place of the Gods, during which he concludes it was not Gods that lived there, but men.
Why do you think metal is seen as dangerous?
Emotional- John follows the signs to go East even though it is forbidden lands.
Logical- John concludes the gods that lived in the city were not gods, but men
Why was going East forbidden?
Simile- "I felt small and naked as a new-hatched bird."
Metaphor: "I tried to think of my knowledge, but it was a squirrel's heap of winter nuts."
Personification: "the great river is very strong- it gripped my raft with its hands."
Picture: 1)http://www.bleachanime.org/forums/showthread.php?t=48559
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