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Copy of Don't Get Me Started

GCSE English creative writing

sylvia scales

on 11 July 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Don't Get Me Started

Don't Get Me Started What really annoys you?
is it people? animals? things that happen?
the news? your family? habits? queues? road rage? litter? mobile phones?.... Why?
think of the circumstances of the event?
how you felt? really explore these!!
describe your bodily feelings -
does your face go red?
do your palms sweat?
does your breathing increase?
do you clench your fists?
do you narrow your eyes?
did anything else happen?
how did other people feel? or react?
how did you feel about this? Is there some sort of history that goes with this? That is, the reason this makes you so cross? Anecdote:
Tell a story connected with this thing you hate -
for example:
This morning on my way into school I turned right into Park Street and drove towards the staff car park; the car I was following stopped on the right hand side to let a student out and the car coming towards me pulled over on the left to do likewise. Both drivers had a chat with their passengers; I couldn't pass either of them because they were opposite each other and neither seemed to have any consideration for me or the cars behind also trying to get into the car park.
I mean, I wouldn't mind but there are double yellow lines both sides of the road and anyway anybody with half a brain should know not to stop opposite another car... Now - how can you write about this without making yourself seem a real Victor Meldrew?
Basically this is a technique of writing to argue or persuade...
What this means that rather than haranging your listeners/ readers you are trying to persuade them that you have a point!
So use:
rhetorical questions
rule of three
emotive language
facts / evidence and statistics/ quotation
appeal to your reader
make it personal; it's about you and how you feel Repetition:
It's not just that these people are famous for no good reason, it's not just that they have no talent but the fact
that we have to watch them on the television giving us their worthless opinions THAT makes my blood boil!
Romeo and tybalt were not just enemies
they were deadly enemies... Rule of three:
It's the 7th of july today
on the 7th of july 2004 I was in London; I have
been back to London on the 7th of july every year
since then to remember...
3 days ago this little kitten was found lying in a pool of blood
3 days ago the RSPCA found her
3 days ago she was given a chance to live... Emotive Language:
The conflict in Afghanistan is an appalling waste of human life
The hens in the cages had had their feathers almost completely
pecked out, they were mangy, scabby and living in disgusting filth
and squalor. Not even a chicken should have to live like that. Facts etc:
What a complete waste of money the space shuttle is. Not only does it consume 500 tonnes of steel per mission; not only does it use the expertise of 500 scienists who could be working on a cure for cancer or developing pollution free fue sources but it costs 2.3 trillion dollars - that's a lot of tax money! Although as George W Bush famously said 'We got plenty of money in Washington' I say 'that's our money, we should get to say how it's spent.' Rule of three:
People who use mobile phones while driving
should have their fingers cut off; their phones
put through the shredder and pay an on the spot
fine or £2000 to a charity for victims of drivers
who kill. Rhetorical question:
Can't these people see what they are doing?
Are they blind or just completely stupid?
Don't they realise...? Appeal:
I ask you how would you feel...? Personal:
I just can't believe it... And another thing:
This is where you go on to another aspect of the same topic but you could also go on to another topic altogether. Just remember to link your paragraphs:
and another thing
not only... but...
in addition... And finally:
Have you described and explained what you would
like to see happen to the subject of your rant?
maybe what you would like to happen to the people...
what the government should do...
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