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alex moore

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Palestine

Educational Oppression
Legal and Politcal Oppression
"I feel compelled to bring logic, history and rhetoric to my aid,
at tedious length. "
All of the different religions historically lived in harmony
Northeastern University:
Mock evictions
Bernard College:
Banner pressure
People use Arab and Muslim interchangeably only perpetuating the stereotypes
1918- Britain Occupies Palastine

September 11, 2001 Lost Aspiration for Palestinians
1950-1976 Massacres continue
1948 Massacre of Palestinians
1947 Britain Withdrawals leaving responsibility to UN
1944-1947 Zionist Rebellion in Palestine
1939 The Great Rebellion
1932-1939- Palestinians organized political parties
They hold a strong importance to their identity and their ethnicity because of the loss they have experienced.
Palestinian immigrants typically were better educated than other Arab immigrants
There are 3.5 Million Arab Americans and 12-15% are Palestinian
Palestinians are anyone whose ancestors originated in Palestine prior to the establishment of Israel.
Palestinians come from various religious backgrounds although majority are Muslim.
After 9/11 it is common that people will stereotype Palestinians as terrorists.
"“When was the last time you saw an Arab in a movie who was anything but one of those ‘three b’s’, billionaire, bomber, belly dancer”
Because 9/11 was perceived as an attack by a whole group not just specific people
Own Gas Stations
Hate America
BDS Movement
In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.
Socio/demographics of the group
Federal Aid to Israel
What is it for?
Military and Economic purposes
How much do we give?
Approximately 3 billion dollars per fiscal year, newest contract guarantees Israel this money through 2018
What do our tax dollars contribute to?
Values & Norms
Economical Oppression
While many companies and countries support the movement against illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid. The U.S. does not. Currently around the country many legislators and pro-Israel lobbies have introduced legislation that would ban federally funded universities and companies to support the boycott.
Protect American Freedom Act
Legal and Political
AIPAC : American Israeli Public Affairs Committee
AKA "The Jewish Lobby", "The Lobby" , "The Zionist Lobby"
Known to be the single most powerful lobby in Washington
AIPAC in theory supports a two-state solution, however they have consistently lobbied against any proposed solutions that promote Palestine.
Political Oppression
The most blatant form of oppression by the United States is it's global stance on Palestine.
The United States claims to support a two-state solution but when called to a vote in the U.N. they voted against the creation of a Palestinian state multiple times.

Christians United for
Israel (CUFI)

Columbia College: Class suspension
American Christian Evangelicals donate between 70-100 million dollars annually to Israel
Their goal is to support Israel until it is an entirely Jewish state.
The reasoning for this is biblically when Israel is entirely a Jewish state, the end of times will begin, and the rapture will take the souls of those who have already been saved into heaven.
There are an estimated 70 million members of the Evangelical church, according to CUFI the majority of these members do not support Palestinians and their right to a Palestinian state .
Family solidarity, hospitality, honor
Courtship, Weddings and Marriage
Gender roles
language: Arabic
Population in US: 250,000...10 million in the population
Religion: 93% muslims; others being Christian, and Jewish
Incomes: 55,000 median income for a 4 family household
Implications for Social Work

1) City/village of origin
2) History of family : post deportation
3) Life in the homeland
4) Refugee? What was that like?
5) Violence? Imprisonment? Death?
6) Thoughts on U.S.
What to Expect...
Substance Abuse
Self-destructuve behaviors
Numbing of emotions
What to know...
Attatched to culture & ethnicity
Rarely seeks assistance and/or treatments
1. Intrusive memories
2. Avoidance
3. Negative change in thinking/mood
4. Changes in emotional reactions
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
1. Dispossession
2. Diaspora
3. Violence
Treating PTSD:
1. Psychotherapy
2. Medications
Traditional customs (wearing scarves, not dating, arranged marriages)
Numbing of emotions (especially men)
Valuing family ties
(only being classified as "Arab"
Women upholding the traditional values
Being viewed as "Terrorists"
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