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Copy of Marriott Hotel-Manila

No description

Salman Saimun

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Marriott Hotel-Manila

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Internet and Phones:
Phones: 4
Phone features: cordless phone, voicemail, and speaker phone
High speed Internet, for a fee
Wired Internet, for a fee
Wireless Internet, for a fee

Welcome to Our Presentation
Name ID

Proshengit Kumar Mondal 2014-1-95-028

Md. Ismail Hossain 2014-2-95-106

Shuvasish Kundu 2013-3-95-008

M. A. Quadair 2011-2-95-113

Shekh Ahammod Irtiza 2014-1-95-112

Case Summery

Types of Research Design Should Be Adopted By Marriott.

1. Focus Group Discussion (Exploratory Research)
2. Survey (Descriptive Research)
Syndicate Data Would Be Useful to Marriott

Psychographic and Lifestyle Surveys

General Survey

Media Panel

Syndicated Industry Services

Scale For measuring
For Consumer Preferences for Hotel Chains
Semantic Differential Scale
Types of Internal Secondary Data Will Be Useful to Marriott.

Customer data bases

Previous marketing research studies

Past sales figures

Accounting data


ThanK You
Likert Scale
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