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Copy of Meet the Teacher Night

August 25th, 2011

Thomas Savage

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Meet the Teacher Night

The END of this presentation...

The BEGINNING of a new school year!

Middle School

Mr. Savage
Aug. 13th, 2014
Language Arts

What does it take to become a
more dynamic writer?
How are you going to become a
more enlightened THINKER
this year?
What Do
I Teach?
My Background
Graduated from the
College of Charleston
in May 2011
I begin my Masters Program at Charleston Southern University this month.
"Highly Qualified" in Middle Level
Social Studies & Language Arts
I am 25 years old and grew up in Irmo, SC (a little town outside of Columbia).

I am not married (yet), have no pets (yet), and no kids (spending time with yours is more than enough )

I enjoy LOTS of things -- specifically, music, movies, books, and the great beaches of FL (to name a few).

The Average Day
Interactive Notes
Large Projects
(Where Nothing Is Average)
- Begins class every day
- Helps review prior learning and/or
prepare for new concepts
- Provides ongoing practice for FCAT
- Students are provided with "guided notes" for which they must fill in the blanks.
- This short-hand method of taking notes allows students to stay more engaged with the instruction through participation and conversation.
- Students don't have to worry about copying down my every word!
- Students are provided with opportunities to tackle content individually through extended learning questions, readings, and writing responses.

- Often, students are asked to work in small groups to tackle in-class projects through the creation of multimedia content, debates, and review activities (among other things).

- More often than not, these activities tie in various mediums of art to help create dynamic, cross-curricular final products.
- Because our students are so involved, I make it my personal aim to get as much work done IN class so that students have minimal work to do OUTSIDE of class.

- The most important homework assignment my students have is to review their notes regularly. There is a quiz or test almost EVERY week!

- The homework policy outlined in the class syllabus is strictly enforced (an email from Mom or Dad usually doesn't cut it)!
- While students are encouraged to put as much work as possible into our large class projects, ample class time is given to complete such activities.

- Quizzes are given weekly to check for student understanding more formally.

- Students grade their own quizzes in class for immediate feedback on their performance and as an opportunity to readdress concepts that may need revisiting.

- Test at the end of every unit to measure comprehensive knowledge and understanding.
'New' Lazy Social Studies
My Teaching Approach
Old School History
"I know you won't remember this stuff,
but try to memorize it for the test tomorrow.
It's 99% of your grade."
"In what year did George Washington decide he wanted to become President?

Provide the names and ages of all that tried to discourage him in two pages, single spaced."
"Read chapters 1-10 in your textbook. Look up the definitions of all the words you don't understand."
"Let's just play Jeopardy today..."
There is a Better Balance!
Create a Variety of Learning Activities
For a Variety of Learners
Teach Comprehensibly and Comprehensively
Make Students Feel Successful and Proud
Because They Really Are
Teach Like a Coach, Not A Referee
Expect More to Get More
My Goals & Philosophy...
Behavior Expectations
I teach YOUNG ADULTS, not children.
I have a ZERO tolerance for bullying!
Our actions are CHOICES, not reflexes.
I use consequences to bring about change...
If nothing is LEARNED, then the consequence isn't worthwhile.
What Parents Can Do
Make sure your student is looking over his/her notes from class (at least, bi-weekly).
Encourage your student to check the class website regularly for announcements and due dates.
Hold your student accountable for his/her performance in class!
Everything is worth something!
Major Writings/Quizzes
Unit tests, semester exams, and large, class projects
Given weekly, make up the bulk of students' average.
Variety of things, short term, daily.
Graded when assigned for completion and/or accuracy.
Grades Updated Weekly!
Typically, around 2-3 assignments added each week.
Your support is appreciated
and vital for your child's success!
Please contact me any time you
have questions or concerns.

Email is always
the best method!
"Let's just close our eyes and get a feel for all of the HISTORY in this room!"
Everyone is different, everyone learns differently.
Everything makes sense!
Everything is fully covered.
Don't hold students back and limit them to the basics
when they long to attempt new challenges.
They need to know that their best interests are yours...
You are going to push them toward greatness, not penalize their weakness.
Students know the difference between real and fake success.
When things are too easy, pride is limited...
When the work is too difficult, potential is limited. Find the right balance!
My Web Site
Check out projects as we do them and
keep informed on what we're learning...
(Usually on Fridays, never on Mondays)
(On average, we have one test a month)
This is my first year teaching at LJPS. It is also my first year teaching Language Arts.

Prior to this, I taught 8th grade Social Studies in Charleston, SC for three years.

In my first year of teaching middle school, I was named "Rookie Teacher of the Year".
I have 3 siblings -- an older sister (28), a younger brother (15), and a younger sister (12)
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