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Middle School the Worst Years of My Life.

book report

Allie lane

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Middle School the Worst Years of My Life.

Middle School the Worst Years of My Life. By James Patterson my realistic fiction book report Summary Middle School the Worst Years of My Life is about Rafe Khatchadorian and how he breaks every rule in the Hills Valley Middle School handbook(HVMS)
on this "quest" of his, he finds a girl he thinks is super cute. Her name is Jeanne Galetta.
This is Rafe's story:
He overcomes a "dragon lady" (Mrs. Donatello). He sells his soul to the school bully for a dollar a day, he goes into the soda business and completely fails, AND most importantly, accidentally hurts all the people he cares about.
Want more detail---> READ THE BOOK "WHAT?!?" Have you ever felt like you are invisible? Like you want to STAND OUT? Well this book is a great guidelines of how NOT to do it. intro: Have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever just wanted to STAND OUT? Well then this a great guideline of how NOT to do it. characters Rafe Khatchadorian is our main character. Rafe is nerdy but kind-hearted. Leo the Silent is Rafe's best friend but, there is a slight misunderstanding- you see Leo isn't actually a human. He's Rafes imaginary friend. Figurative language:
She was a dragon slithering through the halls.

that was an example of a metaphor. Jeanne Galletta is another charchter. She is a good student with all a's and doesn't like being wrong. (this is the girl Rafe "likes") Setting The setting of this book is mostly in
Hills Valley Middle School. There is
also times where it takes place in
Rafe's house and a popular diner. A give this book a 4.75 out of 5. I think if you like comic books you
should read this book.
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