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Not Your Grandmother's Book Reports

No description

Sara Seggie

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Not Your Grandmother's Book Reports

Video Book Review

Record your child talking about a book he is reading.

-Book Title
-Main Idea/Details
-Short Summary

Sharing It:
-Email or text to a relative/friend
-Post to YouTube

When and Where Should I Encourage My Child to Discuss Books?
Open Ended Questions
Book talks can happen anywhere!

Dinner Table
Bed Time
Grocery Store
While Taking a Walk

*Keep book talks light and short.
Reading Activities
Encourage your child to discuss what he is reading
Not Your Grandmother's Book Reports
1. What is the setting of the story (where and when it takes place?
2. What is the main character's MAIN PROBLEM in the story?
3. How is the problem SOLVED in the story?
4. How would you describe the main character? What are some of her characteristics?
5. What is the MAIN IDEA of the story? (Or, what is the article MOSTLY about?) Or, what BEST tells what the story is about?
6. Retell the story in your own words.
7. Summarize the story in 3 sentences (beginning, middle, and end).
8. Is this a fiction or non-fiction book? How can you tell?
9. What do you think the main character would MOST LIKELY do if...? (inferring)
10. Why does the main character MOSTLY do...?
11. What lesson does the main character learn by the end of the story?
12. What is the MOST LIKELY reason that ___ happened?
13. What did the main character do FIRST?
14. What is the BIGGEST difference between [reptiles and amphibians] [1st book and 2nd book]?
15. What would be another good title for this story?

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