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Corvinus University Budapest

Prezi Canvas My Campus Contest

Kristóf Dócs

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Corvinus University Budapest

Fontos szöveg
Canvas My Campus Contest
Kristóf Dócs
Corvinus University of Budapest
Let me introduce my university:
It is
Budai Campus
Faculty of Horticultural Science
Faculty of Food Science
Faculty of Landscape Architecture
Pesti Campus
Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Social Sciences
As I attend International Business, this prezi focuses on the Pesti Campus
Or just KöZGÁZ!
The first institute in Hungary where economics was thought, was the University of Technology. It was founded in 1782, and is still one of the most prestigious universities in the region. The different faculties were quite independent, but in the 20th century the science of economics started to develop rapidly, and the faculty of economics became an independent university in 1948.
The university was named after Karl Marx for four decades. Later it became the University of Economics, and the name Corvinus was taken after the merger with the University of Horticulure (becoming the Budai Campus).
He's still watching us!!
Building E
This building was erected in 1874 designed by Miklós Ybl, one of the most talented Hungarian architects of his time. Representative events usually take place here in a wonderful hall inside.
The "Salt House" was built a few years after Building E. Now it's the home of computer labs and the maths department.
Building C
Our newest building was finished in 2007. It's the home of the library and several well equipped classrooms,
But why is it considered as the best university of its kind in Hungary?
Well, the most important representatives of Hungary's present business life graduated mostly here, and some of them also give lectures at Corvinus.
Zsolt Hernádi
György Wáberer
Sándor Csányi
György Surányi
Ministers and prime ministers
Gordon Bajnai
Prime minister 2009-2010
Péter Medgyessy
Prime minister 2002-2004
Mihály Varga
Minister of finance 2001-2002
Minister of national economy 2013-
Lajos Bokros
Minister of finance 1995-1996
Attila Chikán
Minister of Economy 1998-1999
Also one of the most popular lecturers
Presidents of the Central Bank
György Surányi
1990-1991, 1995-2001
Bod Péter Ákos
Zsigmond Járai
András Simor
György Matolcsy
Also our lecturer
Fine, that's nice but what about the present students? Is it still an inspiring place to do your best?
In my opinion: more than ever!!!
There are great lecturers, and because of the high admission criteria, all the students you meet here are eager to learn and willing to do something...
...but the thing I like the most here is the culture of student associations. There are dozens of them, everyone can find an interesting one to join, and even if you cannot, with a couple of friends you can easily found one to enrich the student life.
Just a few examples
Helping new students to find their place
Helping highschool students to prepare for university
UN modeling and diplomacy
Hardcore maths
Helping students to get international experience
And the most prestigious ones within the student associations are the colleges for advanced studies. These institutes offer extra lessons for their members on a really high academic standard. They all have their own admission process to select the most talented students, and have the right to govern on their own to stay independent professional societies.
I'm the member of this one: Heller Farkas College of Advanced Financial Studies
I think Corvinus University of Budapest is a place where students have all the opportunities to achieve their full potential.
Thank you for your attention
A mashup of this public video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cey35bBWXls
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