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Aliens VS Predator Tutorial:

Have you heard of Aliens VS. Predator? If not, this can help you to understand what it is! Plus, leave comments if you want more!

Kolton Lancaster

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Aliens VS Predator Tutorial:

Aliens VS Predator Tutorial:
By: Kolt Lancaster

What is Aliens VS. Predator?
(Or better known, AVP?)
thanks for enjoying my Presentation!
Primary Weapons:
Main Special
Marine Weapon:
What are the species?
What are the Stages of the
Refence page:
Aliens: CM game
AVP 3 game
Predator's main
1. It is:
A Movie that has been made from two different movies, Aliens and Predator, where two different species of aliens do an epic battle two see who is stronger.
2. It is also:
A video game on another planet where a colony on the planet has gone for a while with no contact with the uscm, the United States Colonial Marines, but they are not alone when they get there...
3. Finally, It is also:
Another movie based on after the first AVP movie when the Predators, which I'll talk about next, are hijacked by a Predalien, a mix of alien and Predator (ill tell you how that is next), takes over the ship and things get hectic from there on.
1. The Predator:
The Predators are a complex species of super-strong and dangerous aliens that have futuristic/medieval weaponry, and they mailny hunt humans when they are youngbloods/apprentices, but as an Elite Predator, they hunt the Xenomorphs, or the aliens.
2. The Xenomorphs:
The Xenomorphs are dangerous bug-like killing machines that have a razor-sharp tail, extremely lethal claws, and my favorite part, a mouth inside a mouth. You heard me folks. Their tongue has a mouth.
how freaky is that! and Xenomorphs have 3 stages to their life, which I'll talk about next after this.
3. The Humans & the Synthetics:
We all know the humans. WE are the humans! but the main humans are in the game, the marines. they fight the Aliens and sometimes some Predators. But then, there are the Synthetics, who work for the Weyland Yutani Corporation.
Stage 1:
The Facehugger is a spider-like creature that can climb walls, jump at you, and when it gets on you, lay a Xenomorph embryo in your stomach. Facehugger eggs are layed by a Queen Xenomorph. Turns out that the Xenomorph embryo in the chest actually adapts to it's host like a virus! Check out "Anatomy of the Xenomorph" on youtube for more about that!
Stage 2:
Well, its name is what it does. When the Facehugger lays the embryo in your stomach, then dies, and depending on the time frame, the baby Xenomorph bursts out of your chest, giving you a 100% guarentee of death!
Stage 3:
Adult Xenomorph
This stage is the final stage. It is when it has eaten enough, and it has shed its skin. It is now an adult.
1. The Pulse Rifle:
The Pulse Rifle is a automatic assault rifle that has 40-60-99 rounds (depending on either Aliens: CM or AVP 3). It is the main Marine weapon.
2. The Pistol:
The Pistol is the most natural gun in the games (Aliens: CM and AVP 3), and in both, they have unlimited ammo. very sensible for needing at the most necessary time.
The Smart gun:
The Smart gun is a minigun-type gun that when aimed in a certain area, and if there is an enemy in that area it is aimed, it will aim for you. It's pretty neat.
1. The
Wrist Blades:
The Wrist Blades are a Predator's Primary weapon for close combat.
It is very effective against humans and Xenomorphs.
2. The
Plasma Caster:
The Plasma Caster is a plasma-based weapon for range and is extremely effective when charged.
3. Its
This is one of the most helpful objects a Predator has. It has a targeting laser (for the Plasma Caster), and heat and molecular acid (a Xenomorph's blood) vision, and a voice mimicker.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Background song:
Predator the Musical
by: lhugeny
Click here for song!
What are the types of the
1. Soldier:
The soldier is the regular
Xenomorph that carries out basic instructions.
2. Preatorian:
The Preatorian is a giant Xenomorph that is like the royal guard for the queen. it is extremely dangerous.
3. The Queen:
The Queen is basically the mother of the Xenomorphs and the "HiveMind".
She is even more dangerous than the Preatorian. Plus, she lays the Ovamorph (Facehugger) Eggs.
4. The Predailien:
The Predalien is a huge (but not as huge as the preatorian) walking Xenomorph that has the strength of a Predator and the pincer-mouth piece of a Predator, but it is a Xenomorph alright!
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