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Copy of Improvement Huddle

Last updated 01/04/2013

Jason Aaron

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Improvement Huddle

Can an idea be bigger than a PDSA?
Yes, some ideas might need more than PDSA What if an Idea is
Bigger than a PDSA? Plan the change
Do the change
Study the results of the change
Act upon the change. The change is accepted, adapted, or abandoned, based on the results of the change. What is it?
A regular brief meeting of work team to review process improvements within the department.

How does it work?
This meeting takes place at the Huddle Board and should last no more than 15 minutes.

Emphasis on flow of ideas, quick progress updates, to implementation. Just Do It Rules of Thumb Obvious to all that it’s an improvement Find a coach to help Share – post and talk about it After: Signage corrected The problem is very clear… there’s an obvious change that will eliminate it, and it’s easy to implement Tom Gormley, VA New England VERC, VISN 1 VIRO Before Problem: ADTC check-in is on the 1st floor Example: Incorrect Signage for ADTC Clinic in Jamaica Plain High effort
High impact Low effort
Low impact High effort
Low impact Low effort
High impact Possible Challenge Impact: Effort Grid Implement IMPACT EFFORT Review new ideas The team first agrees to ground rules for using the board: Next, develop 'Impact: Effort Grid' Examples: Place each new idea on the Impact: Effort Grid How to decide if this is a Just Do It idea? “Just do it” How do you know to use a PDSA? Staff interprets the problem differently Results need to be studied Multiple alternatives exist Small Tests of Change P:
A: Simple, easy to do. Few steps to complete. What to do with ideas that are bigger than PDSA or A3?
Call SR Coordinator for Consultation To gain approval for a change or $$$ funds To better develop alternative improvement ideas and compare them before trying a test To better understand the problem before trying something Next Steps Huddle Board How to decide which ideas to start with?
1. Implement
2. Possible
3. Challenge Next move ideas to JDI or PDSA Celebrate results Implemented JDI Get updates on existing PDSAs in progress Start each meeting with updates on each JDI in progress When implemented, then move it to the right If implemented, then move it to the right Implemented PDSA Is it done?
What are the barriers?
What's the next step? What stage-
Plan, Do, Study,
or Act? move it along... How can we help? When should we
check back? When should we
check back? What's the
latest? Any barriers?
How can we help? Good practices: Use your celebration to build momentum in processing other improvement ideas. focus on progress and helping minimize tangents cover as many as you can Group ideas under organizational goal. Break big problems into smaller ones. High Impact- affects many people, multiple times a day Low Impact- affects a few people,
once a day Examples:
Everyone participates
Criticize ideas, not people
Step up, step back See problems, develop ideas Discuss with supervisor and those affected (huddles) Implement – You do it! Document – write it down Continue Get to 90% “Yes” Complete improvements Give and get feedback and coaching Practice with your team SHARE your celebrations! Move successes to a storyboard or intranet site so others can learn from your experiences. Think of possible
Everyday Improvements: From Healthcare Kaizen, Mark Graban, Joseph Swarz "There are no big problems, there are just a lot off little problems."
~ Henry Ford Make your job easier
Save a few seconds
Improve patient care or service
Improve safety
Reduce waiting Start Small From Healthcare Kaizen, Mark Graban, Joseph Swarz "Suggestions are things I think you should do... Ideas are things that I can do." ~Norman Bodek Focus on the process, not people. Coaching Tips People are problem solvers. Discard 1. See a problem or opportunity 3. Document and share it 2. Develop an idea to improve and implement it Impact: Effort Grid Impact: Effort Grid
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