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Spiritual Reconnection w/ the Earth

Generate consciousness regarding humankind’s spiritual relationship with the Earth and raise awareness of the current ecological footprint on the Planet

Mateo de Valenzuela

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Spiritual Reconnection w/ the Earth

Why are we disconnected? Indigenous Wisdom Connect their spirit with the Earth –
to feel the sense of ONE, of “interconnectedness”
Chants, ceremonies and medicine
have been on Earth for millennia - over 4000 years.
Masculine vs Feminine Father Sun and Mother Earth
Feminine Water, Moon

Indigenous cultures believe the feminine
must be respected and returned to
equality on Earth.

Balance must be achieved again:
light – dark, good – bad,
right – wrong, woman - man
Lifestyles & Consumption
Seek comfort in outside elements, city growth.
Our diets, media, $Profit$, never ending growth?

Do you know where your food comes from?
Have you thought about YOUR spirit lately?
Sacred Elements Corn Quinoa Tobacco Coca Leaf Cacao Chili Peppers Coffee Fermented Beverages San Pedro Peyote Mushrooms Cannabis or Hemp Yagé / Ayahuasca Food and Beverage Corporations
Agro Industry Conglomerates
Pharmaceutical Industry
Fossil and Bio Fuel
Tobacco = Cigarrettes
Coca = Cocaine
Ferments = Licor
Cannabis = Marijuana Yerba Mate Sacred Knowledge Elements BIG BUSINESS Elements turned to Vice and $$$ WAR Against Natural Elements? Cocaine Hydrochloride:
Cement, potassium permanganate, ammonia hydroxide, gasoline, Diesel or petroleum, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, acetone, methyl ethyl acetone and ethyl acetate. These are dumped in different ecosystems of Colombia during cocaine crystallization. (US Embassy in Colombia)
"Coca, the plant that kills" VS Connect with Spirit Naturally
Look for the “natural highs”
Mate circles
Trance dance
Holotropic Breathing
Meditation, exercise, yoga.
Revolutionize farming
Make water, energy
No pesticides - herbicides
Cut trasportation emissions
The future of agriculture?
Vertical Farms Respect the future generations
Take actions today
What YOU do actually DOES make a difference.
Take less, give back more
Transformation YOU and I must take

We cannot expect the world to transform
if we do not begin ourselves.
Planetary disconnection and spiritual void Legalize what? Chemically transformed?
Would it mean more addictions and abuse?
Indigenous Medicine?
Follow in Brazil's footsteps...
Modern Medicine - Business of treating Pharmakon - simultaneously means venom and remedy.
Cancer WAR vs. proper diet (The Beautiful Truth)
US: $2.3 Trillion on health care,
$147 Billion to treat obesity alone (NYT)
Reduce our Ecological Footprint
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