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An Inspector Calls

No description

Leah Gillespie

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of An Inspector Calls

Static Characters:
Static Character: a literary or dramatic character who undergoes little or no inner change; a character who does not grow or develop.
Dynamic Character: a literary or dramatic character who undergoes an important inner change, as a change in personality or attitude
Mr. Birling's Playlist
Material Girl by Madonna
This song relates to Mr. Birling, Because he is more concern of having material things rather than having moral values.
Sheila's Playlist
Carry on by Fun.
This song relates to Sheila, because she remains positive after the event that happened on that night. Sheila is ready to carry on with her life.
Casting Call
Who's to blame?
I believe Mrs. Birling in the most culpable for Eva Smith's. She only cares about people in her class, and she is disrespectful to those who are in the working class. Mrs. Birling is the most to blame, because her actions had the most affect on Eva smith. She refused to give Eva money, because Eva said her name was 'Ms. Birling.' Eva Smith was already at rock bottom, and it pushed Eva over the edge when Mrs. Birling refused to give her money. Mrs. Birling also denies having anything to do with Eva Smith's death,and she does not feel guilty at all. Mrs. Birling's action was the last straw that drove Eva Smith to commit suicide.Mr. Birling and Gerald would the next to who is the most culpable under Mrs. Birling. Mr. Birling was the one who started this. Mr. Birling was unwilling to give her three more schillings than what she was earning and fired her instead. Even though Gerald was trying to help Eva out of his kindness, he still did break her heart. Sheila and Eric were the least culpable, because they regret their actions and feel guilty. Even though both characters did careless things to Eva, their actions did not affect her as much as the other characters. Eric even tried to help her out by giving her money, because he felt sorry for what he had done. However, Eva refused to accept the money.
An Inspector Calls
Dynamic Characters:
Sheila and Eric are dynamic characters, because they realize what part they played in Eva Smith's life and admit their actions. Both character take responsibility for their actions and mature from this experience.
Mr. Birling
Mrs. Birling
Mr. Birling, Mrs. Birling, and Gerald are all static characters, because they deny that their action had a part on Eva Smith's death. Mr. Birling remains unaffected by Eva Smith's death and only cares about not having a public scandal. Mrs. Birling at the end resumes her egoistic attitude. Even though Gerald feels sorry for Eva Smith, he is still unwilling to admit his part in Eva Smith's death.
Billionaire by Bruno Mars
This song suits Mr. Birling, because all Mr. Birling wants in life is money. He also wishes he could be a billionaire.
Money by Pink Floyd
This song suits Mr. Birling, because he would do many things to get money
Money, Money, Money by Abba
This song relates to Mr. Birling, because he wants a lot of money.
For the Love of Money by The O' Jays
This song relates to Mr. Birling, because it is about people who would do anything for money like him.
We are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
This song suits Sheila, because she use to be in love with Gerald but now she does not want to be with him.
Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
This song suits Sheila, because Gerald cheated on her with Eva Smith

Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
This song relates to Sheila, because she is moving on from Gerald and is becoming an independent woman.

Honesty by Billy Joel
This song suit Sheila, because she is an honest person. Sheila took responsibility for actions toward Eva Smith and did not deny that what she did was wrong.
Danny DeVito would play the perfect Mr. Birling, because he is older and cold looking. In Matilda, Danny Devito played the father who loves money and would scam his clients for their money.
Inspector Goole
Meryl Streep would play a well Mrs. Birling, because she has a high-class look to her. She is also an older actress and looks quite classy.
James Marsden would play a great Eric, because he is young and looks like he would be adventourus.
Blake Lively would be a good choice for Sheila, because she is youthful and around the same age as Sheila.
Michael Caine would play an excellent Inspector Goole, because he has a serious and intimidating look.
Ryan Gosling would be a perfect Gerald, he has the look of a business man. He has also played the role of being a womanizer.
7 Deadly Sins
: Eric is lazy and does not work for money.
: Gerald was in relationship with Eva Smith when he was with Sheila.
: Mrs. Birling was furious that Eva Smith used her last name.
: Eric is an alcoholic.
: Sheila was jealous that Eva looked prettier in the dress than Sheila
: Mrs. Birling is proud of her name and does not want someone of lower class to have the same last name.
: Mr. Birling e was unwilling to raise Eva Smith three shilling and fired her.
Inspector Goole
Inspector Goole can be interpreted as a ghost, because his name reminds us of "ghoul". However, I do not believe Inspector Goole is a ghost. I interpreted Inspector Goole as a time traveler , because he has unexplained foreknowledge of the events at took place. It seemed that Inspector Goole already knew everyone's part in Eva Smith's death, he just wanted them to confess. For example, Sheila exclaims,"Why-you fool-he knows". Inspector Goole already knew that Eva Smith was going to commit suicide before it actually happened. How could Inspector Goole known these events were going to occur? I believe that he was trying to warn the Birlings about the future. Before leaving the family, Inspector Goole gives them a final message. He states, "And I tell you that time will soon come when if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish." He warns them that they must change their views before it is too late.
J. B Priestley was an outspoken socialist. Priestley mainly want to represent the lives of working class people and how they were treated by capitalist like Mr. Birling. Eva Smith was treated by the Mr. and Mrs. Birling, who were capitalist. Mr. Birling says," But the way some of these cranks talk and write now, you'd think everybody has to look after the everybod else, as if we were all mixed up together like bees in a hive-a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own-and-". Mr. Birling believes that classes should not mix and should take care of themselves. J.B. Priestley represents the powers of socialism through Inspector Goole. Inspector Goole is able to prove that the Birlings have flaws and they are not better than people of lower classes. Inspector Goole’s last speech foreshadows that God is only superior and not those higher in the society ranks
Capitalism vs. Socialism
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