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1920's party

No description

Kierstynn Foster

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of 1920's party

Long skirts
Big hats
High waistlines
Imitated male suits Jazz, ragtime, and broadway musicals
were features of the 1920's music. Jazz was considered "devil music"
to many adults of the time. Bessie Smith Songs Duke Ellington-Sophisticated Lady
Duke Ellington-It Don't Mean a Thing if You Ain't Got That Swing
Al Jolson-Swanee
Ted Lewis-When My Baby Smiles At Me
Marion Harris-I Ain't Got Nobody
Paul Whiteman-I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
Earl Fuller's Jazz Band Instruments-new cymbal drums, trumpet, saxophone. 18th Ammendment: The sale, manufacture, and transportation of alchohol is banned. To help protect families, and children from alchoholism.
Speakeasies: Underground bars, during prohibiton. (100,000) Any beverage over 0.5% alchohol was banned. Smuggle our alchohol from Canada, via the great lakes. Led by Henery Ford and Ford Motor Company Easy to operate Low cost
Started as an electric car People can be free to do whatever
Move away from railroads
Families fell apart Kids became foolish Gave economy a boost Rich used same car, but they
had more money If they didn't have a car, they would
use a train or walk Calvin Coolidge Warren Harding Herbet Hoover Babe Ruth Charlie Chaplin Duke Ellington Jack Dempsey Gloria Swanson Al Capone Charles Luciano Dutch Shultz Beverages Guests Entertainment 1920's Party Music Transportation Fashion Womens Styles Flappers/Vamps
Lower Waistlines
Shorter hair
Mens Styles The Shimmy
Charleston Dance marathons Games
Murder Mystery
Gangster Murder Mystery Slang
Big Cheese
Balled Up
"You slay me"
Baby Vamp Slim suits
Felt Fedoras
Individuality Evening Wear did not
change much
High collars
Bow ties
Tail Coats
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