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Food and Drink Ireland

No description

Fiona Lyons

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Food and Drink Ireland

Food and Drink Ireland
Health Foods
In recent years Ireland has had an increase in the production of health foods
These range from protein bars, protein milk and healthy recipes to vegan products created by the Happy Pear.
Tayto and Cadburys Chocolate
Irish bread and butter
Irish Drinks Industry - Guinness and Whiskey
Irish Tea - Lyons and Barrys
Sports Nutrition Supplements

Avonmore protein milk

Avonmore is an Irish owned company which produces milk. In 2016 they started to produce protein milk in association with the GAA.
They add 50% extra whey and caesin to the milk in order to increase the amount of protein.
It is widely used by Irish athletes and they also have Irish athlete ambassadors from each of the main sports played in Ireland - rugby, GAA, hurling and soccer.

Fulfil vitamin and protein bars

In 2016 the founders of Fulfil wanted to create a protein bar that was not only high in protein but also loaded with vitamins and minerals (100% of your RDA of 9 key vitamins, less than 3 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein).
They also wanted the protein bar to taste authentic and not plastic and rubbery like some protein bars already on the market.
They currently have 8 flavours and are also available has a topping for frozen yogurt in Mooch.

Kinetica is a brand set up in 2009 that provides sports nutrition that 'knows no bounds'.
They pride themselves on being Irish and they are big into their sport nutrition.
They have partnerships with Connacht Rugby, Bath Rugby and Hampshire Cricket
The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear was set up by Stephen and David Glynn in Greystones in 2004. It was originally a vegetable shop and has now grown into 2 businesses as well as 2 cookbooks.
They create fresh wholesome products which are primarily plant-based and vegan.

Rosanna Purcell and Natural Born Feeder

Rosanna Purcell is one of Ireland's most successful models and recently become apart of the 'health food craze' creating her own brand Natural Born Feeder.
Her blog has grown from strength to strength with the success of her healthy food recipes.
She also collaborates with the frozen yogurt chain Mooch and which offers Natural Born Feeder protein balls, shakes and pancakes.

Tayto crisps was created in 1954 by Joe Murphy and still remains one of Irelands favourite crisp to this day.
The most well known flavour of Tayto is cheese and onion.
One of the key aspects to the Tayto brand is the use of Mr.Tayto, a well-known character to both young and old.
Tayto has also grown from just crisps. Tayto has since produced chocolate and has opened Tayto Park, Irelands only theme park.
Cadburys Chocolate

Cadburys chocolate was first born in 1831 and it is still the favourite choice for chocolate amongst the Irish.
As well as chocolate bars Cadburys produce drinking chocolate.
Cadburys has been very successful in its tv advertising, especially the tv advert of the Gorilla which won many prizes including the prestigious Grand Prix Lion at Cannes in 2008.
Irish bread and Rolls

A barmbrack is normally eaten at Halloween.
The word "Barm" comes from an old English word, "beorma," meaning yeasty, fermented liquor and "Brack" comes from the Irish word "brac," meaning speckled – which it is with the dried fruit and candied peel.
Each member of your family must get a slice and it was always a great treat to find the penny in the cake, as this meant you were going to be rich.
Other items buried in the barmbrack are a ring for the bride-to-be, a thimble for the one who would never marry and a small piece of cloth indicating the one who would be poor.

Kerrygold is the most used butter in Ireland and even people who leave Ireland to live abroad get friends and family to send this butter out to them.
Kerrygold was first launched in 1962 in the UK and 11 years later in 1973 it came back to Ireland.
It is known to Irish people as 'real butter'.
It is the no.1 selling butter in Germany!

Guinness was first started by Arthur Guinness in Dublin in 1759, where he signs a 9000-year lease on a brewery at St. James’s Gate .
In 2000 the Guinness Storehouse opened which allows the public to take a tour of the factory and at the end pull their own pint!
In 2009 Guinness marked its 250 year anniversary and Arthur’s Day (~23/24 Sept) celebrations kick off a remarkable worldwide toast, joined by 50 million people.
Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey brands range from Jameson to Paddy to Tullamore Dew etc.
Irish Whiskey has been distilled in Ireland since the 6th century and is one of the oldest spirit drinks in Europe.
Exports from the Irish whiskey sector (ROI only) were about €307 million in 2013, almost one third (28%) of all beverages exports.
The Gaelic word for whiskey is 'uisce beatha' meaning the 'water of life'.
As of 2016 there are 14 distilleries around Ireland producing whiskey.
There are many types of whiskey depending on the grain used and the distillation process.
In Dublin city center opposite Trinity College you can visit the Irish whiskey museum with guided tours and whiskey samples.
Brennans Bread

Brennans bread is an Irish company who bakes loaves of bread sold in supermarkets and newsagents across Ireland.
They are one of Ireland's oldest bakeries.
Their motto is ‘Today’s Bread Today’ which means the bread you see in shops shelf every day will have left the bakery early that morning.
Brennans bread is easily the prefered bread eaten daily in sandwiches, toast, with fry ups etc.
Irish Rolls

There are two main type rolls Irish people eat; the breakfast roll and the chicken fillet roll.
Irish people mostly reach for these for breakfast/lunch and also when having had too much to drink the night before as they are seen sometimes as a comfort food.
The chicken fillet roll is a staple food at most deli counters and a favourite for school children on lunch breaks.

Some things you might not know about Guinness!

Nearly 40% of Guinness is consumed somewhere in Africa. Of five Guinness-owned breweries worldwide, three are in African nations.
It’s not black and its not brown. Guinness is a deep, dark red, a color the company attributes in part to the roasting of malted barley during the beer’s preparation.
Rich in iron and antioxidant compounds, a 20-ounce pint of Guinness is a mere 210 calories (vs a 150 calorie pint of milk).
Unlike other taps, Guinness is dispensed through a five-hole disk restrictor plate. It supplies an uncommon amount of nitrogen, making the head extra-frothy. Therefore two shifts are needed as the Guinness needs to settle before the second shift is applied. It is said that it takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint.
There has always been stiff competition between these two types of tea brands as to which one is better.
They are the two tea brands in Ireland and it was Lyons Tea that first introduced Ireland to the pyramid shaped tea bag.
Barrys Tea states their customer's opinions come first and therefore has moved into herbal and infused tea for a healthier lifestyle.
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