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Case 3: Ontela Picdeck

APPLIED CRM case study _ by Kritika Kuppuswami, Jack Jie Jiang, Judith Tabak, Gloria Jialu Deng

Gloria Deng

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Case 3: Ontela Picdeck

Kritika Kuppuswami, Jack Jie Jiang, Judith Tabak, Gloria Jialu Deng
2 Categories
STEVE - the Young Professional
Sarah - the Parent
REGINA - the Teen
Risks of Using Only Qualitative personas
IGNORE other aspects/attributes
Wireless service that Ontela provides to the end users is a technological tool to help them save all the inconveniences while they exchange media contents between different devices.

Weighted with negative 30%
Reveal the involvement of respondents while placing them into certain pre-set user stories.
The US mobile industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

Huge rise in multi media messaging and transfers.

Ontela PicDek offers seamless transfer of pictures from phones to other devices and services.
Major Competitors
Easy storage of photos from phones and cameras.
Category 1----Drives:

Q1: I think it is easy to upload photos taken from my phone to a computer or Web site.

Category 2----Utilizations:

Q2: I would take more photos on my camera phone if it were easier to transfer them to a Web site or
my computer.
Q3: I would take more photos on my camera phone if the quality of the pictures were better.
Q4: I would replace my digital camera with my camera phone if the process for transferring photos
were easier.
Q5: I would replace my digital camera with my camera phone if the quality of the photos were better.
Q6: I value making sure the photos on my phone are saved so if I lose my phone I don’t lose them.
Q7: I value getting the photos on my email so I can forward them to friends and family.
Q8: I value getting the photos on my desktop so I can edit, crop, and print them.
Q9: I value getting the photos onto photo-sharing sites (Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, MySpace,
Ontela Picdeck
(A & B)
MIGB 8705
Applied CRM
Professor Onder Oguzhan
Jan 25, 2014
Kritika Kuppuswami
Jack Jie Jiang
Judith Tabak
Gloria Jialu Deng
easily set up & learn
not an inovator
popular & trendy
no disposable income
"in the moment"
not technologically savvy
non-fluent users
disposable income
15 year old kid
(technical consultant/additional user)
value saving pics
“Ontela PicDeck provides a more convenient mobile imaging experience. Ontela’s PicDeck offers seamless transfer of pictures from camera phones to other pre-designated networked devices and services (personal computer, email inbox, and Web sites).
Current methods for transferring photos taken on camera phones to other media or users are complex and limited in capability. Ontela’s PicDeck’s technology allows for the transfer of pictures to any pre-designated destination without the need to press any extra buttons.”
Positioning statement
LACK important quantitative information
LOSE other potential market
Wireless storage of photos from memory card into computer/websites/email
Digital Camera
Weighted with positive 70%
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