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GRS - Project Coordinator Role

No description

GRS Recruiting

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of GRS - Project Coordinator Role

Project Coordinator Role
GRS Values
We do what we say we will do and tell it like it is.
We make decisions based on our plans and strategies and not on emotion or momentum.
We act with urgency and expect the same from those who partner with us.
You & GRS
At GRS, our motto is that you can work hard and have fun. You will have the opportunity to take part in different incentives based on individual and team goals. You will find a long-term career for yourself and here and the ability to join an organization that will change your professional and personal life.
Example of Team Goals:
20 SO/Week
12 JO/Week
Billings: $230,000/Month
GRS Values
We believe that you can work hard and have fun. We laugh at funny things, especially ourselves.
We are extremely stubborn about following our process because we know that it works.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve and new approaches for better results.
We believe in the value of a team and we do not waste energy on who gets credit or blame.
We are extremely goal oriented and we expect to win.
Overview - Project Coordinator
GRS & You
GRS Values
Our Goals for You and the Company
Recent GRS Trip to Peek N' Peak
The GRS Logo on the Indians Scoreboard
during last Summer's Kick-It Event
GRS's Recent Attendance at "A Night at the Races" Sponsored by the Ronald McDonald House
As a whole, we are consistently focused on bettering the lives of our candidates and clients. By doing so, we need to hit goals pertaining to our Sendouts, Job Orders and Billings. Each individual will have their own goals that will enable them to grow along with the team goals which we all strive to hit together.
Week 2: Team Leader
Week 4: Project Coordinator
During each week, the Team Leader or Project Coordinator will periodically pull you in on various telephone and conference calls.
In addition to this, there will be other meetings with other team members to discuss any issues that you may run into.
At GRS, these values are written on our walls. Through each day, we try to follow them to the best of our ability. How do these values apply to your current situation?
Rewards come in the form of Team and Individual rewards. These are based on billings goals. Below are examples of rewards that we have received in the past.
Friday afternoons off
Lunch on the Company
Outings at Indians Games
Golf Outings
Trip to Nashville
Ski Trip
Outing at Indians Game
When you first begin with GRS, you will have 2 mentors. This includes 1 Team Leader and 1 Project Coordinator:
At GRS, you will be involved in Sourcing and Recruiting training when you first start. This is a hands on process in which you will learn the ropes of the business and be able to become an expert in your field.
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