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Charles Herndon

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of horse

what a horse eats
a horse eats grass,hay,treats, grain and drinks water
where a horse lives
Horses are found all over the world in nearly every domain of terrestrial Earth except Antarctica.some live in stalls and some live in fields.
what you need to be able to take care of a horse.
when you have a horse you have to have The pitchforks, wheelbarrows and shovels used for cleaning up after horses.There are some specialty items you'll need to pick up at your local tack shop, such as special brushes and the tack for riding and driving. Some of the items, like feed and water troughs
how long a horse can live
a horse can live a long long time i have a ton of horses but my oldest is 20 years old Horses are living longer than ever with the write care they can live a long long time.
how to prepare for a horse show
first you have to groom your horse daily and kee his coat clean.secondFeed your horse a coat-enhancing grain. There are many different feed products on the market that are full of the nutrients necessary to enhance the thickness and shine of your horse’s coat and mane/tail. Bathe your horse. It's best to bathe the horse the night before so your horse is clean and ready to go.If you clean your horse before the night of the show, your horse could get dirty and you would have to clean them again. Whiten any white socks or sections on your horse. A white horse or horse with socks that appears brown, grass-stained, or dingy won’t score as well with judges.
riding western
Western riding is a style of horseback riding which evolved from the ranching and warfare traditions brought to the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors, and both equipment and riding style evolved to meet the working needs of the cowboy in the American West.it is the funnest thang ever i ride western dressage it is really fun you and your horse is able to bond
how to catch your horse
owner chely west
this horse is in a stall
horse in a field
how fast a horse can run
40 – 48 km/h (Galloping), 19 – 24 km/h (Canter), 6.4 km/h on average (Walk), 13 – 19 km/h (Trot) a walk is just like us it is slow and then a trot is like a fast walk and a gallop is like us runing and a canter is like you are running around so fast
Simply walking into a crowd of horses in a pasture to catch one may be unsafe. Scaring your horse, getting crowded by other horses and getting tangled by your gear are a few hazards that you can encounter when catching a horse that's loose in a pasture or paddock. Here's how you can catch your horse quickly and safely.
horse body parts
there are lots of body parrts on a horse like withers ear forelock
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