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Tech folio

Hannah Tsang

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Technology-Graphics

Graphics Folio Popular well known names such as Quicksilver, Billabong and Just Jeans have higher prices than those of brands that nobody has heard of. Brand labels and logos are attached or printed on the outside of clothing, so that they can be seen clearly. Our task is to create a logo and swing tag as if we were a clothing designer.

Task 1: Design Project
This is worth 40 marks.
1. The first part of this task is designing a logo for our own range of clothing. We have to creatively present two samples of our logo, one on paper and the other on fabric.
2. The next bit is designing a swing tag label of our own for use on our range of clothing. This must also be creatively on our swing tag.

Task 2: Design Folio: Prezi Presentation
This is worth 10 marks.
For our folio we are required to create a media folio about our design process using the software Prezi. Design Brief Hannah Tsang Factors that will limit my design work are:
Time: the fact that we only have about 9 weeks to design a logo and swing tag will affect how much detail and attention we can give to them.
A broken computer
Any lessons that I miss because of sickness or other school work
Putting this off until the last minute, basically being committed enough to finish this to the best of my ability
Being distracted by friends or people around me
Time Management
Not knowing how to operate a program will slow me down Design Limitations Time Management Plan A well designed graphic image will and has good:
Function: how it performs/works-does it do the job it's meant to?
Aesthetics: how it looks, is it simple but memorable?
Scale: how big is it? Is it too small to notice or too big to fit in your hand?
Ergonomics: computer usage,
Ethical: use of images/photos
Resource Availability: skills/knowledge/programs (hardware, software)
Be appealing to the audience it is aimed at Investigating-Popular Logos PMI A price
The logo and/or company name
A barcode
Where it's made/produced
How to wash it /care for it (e.g. dry cleaning)
A correct description
In the countries language (English), legible writing
Info can't be misleading
Give warning if appropriate (e.g. damage such as dyes running, wash separately) Investigating-Research on Labelling Requirements 1. Falling
2. Silver
3. Flair
4. Shine
5. Uniquely Special Potential Business Names Potential Logos and PMI Potential Swing Tags and PMI String
Thin thread/ cloth
Plastic Attaching My Swing Tag I think I was pretty successful although I did get a bit off track when I was trying to re-design my logo and put a bird in. Eventually, I just decided to leave it as it was as I liked it and I didn't want to change it just because everyone else said it would look good.
I was pretty good at following the design process and I liked the process of designing my logo and names.
Yes, I think if I had more time I would make it better and more ffective.
Designing the logo was pretty hard. Evaluation Criteria for Success
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