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Pro Fishing Boats

No description

Eliecer Vera

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Pro Fishing Boats

Pro Fishing Boats
Fishing Boat Manufacturer
Having Problems with globally sources part
Communication problems with the supply chain
Looking for ways to improve this problem.
Information of the supply chain
Components come from china
Pro Fishing Boats works on a 90-60-30 day forecast and weekly order
9 week buffer inventory by the manufacturer
5 week in transportation
6 week buffer inventory by Pro Fishing Boats
What is Value Stream Mapping (VSM)?
Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing or lean enterprise technique used to document, analyze and improve the flow of information or materials required to produce a product or service for a customer.
Create a Value Stream Map of the supply chain
Supply Chain Disruptions and Stoppages
Shipment disruption
Raw Material shortage
Competition Companies

Pro Fishing Boats

Opportunities in Improving Supply Chain
We believe that Pro Fishing need to make some the following adjustment in order to improve the overall process of its operation
Information Missing
Pro Fishing’s strict supplier qualification requirements
Primary source of the raw materials from the supplier
The cost of transportation
The actual usage of the raw materials
The labor cost.
Opportunities in Improving Supply Chain
Pro Fishing should maintains at least 4-6 weeks buffer of its products
Pro fishing needs to increase communication means between its internal department and operation
To increase efficiency and improve time management, only one department within the company should handle all parts of the supply chain.
Group 10:
Eliecer Vera
Maria Chahin
Mauricio Londono
Michael Haddad
Victoria Eastlick

Using the VSM we can identify delays and non-value adding processes that can be eliminated or worked on to improve the flow of production. In the case of Pro Fishing Boats, there have been a lot of delays and communication problems, which have caused large costs and disruptions.
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