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The History Of Rollercoasters

From Ice Slides To Rocket Coasters

Evan Swag Boshwitt

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The History Of Rollercoasters

History Of Rollercoasters
Ice Slides In


The First Form of a rollercoaster was in Russia In the 1600's When the Russians Built giant ice slides with wooden supports.
Nothing happened in the world of rollercoasters for a couple hundred years after the ice slides, but then in the 1800's a designer in france made the worlds first ever wood rollercoaster on a track.
Track Coasters In France
By: Evan Dearhamer
Then in 1873 the Maunch Chuck Rollercoaster in pennsylvania became the first rollercoaster to complete a full circuit. Before this, most roller coasters ended at a spot and workers had to physicaly move the carts to the beggining of the track for more riders to ride.
First Full Circuit RollerCoaster
Then in 1885, the first chainlifted rollercoaster opened in San Fransisco, Before, rollercoasters always had to start on top of a hill, to gain speed.
First Chainlift Rollercoaster
Then in 1902 Leap The Dips in Lakemont park Pennnsylvania became the first Rollercoaster to use a lap bar.
First Coaster With a Lapbar
First Coaster With A Mobius Track
Then, in 1953, The Worlds First Major Rollercoaster Opened in Japan, It is Called "Rollercoaster".
Twenty Five Years later, in 1927, The Racer in Kennywood Park Became the first Coaster to have a Mobius Track. A mobius track Is When there are two tracks With Two Rollercoasters racing against each other, Like The Gemini At Cedar Point.
Worlds First Major Coaster
The Gemini At Cedar Point
The Racer At Kennywood
The Coaster, Rollercoaster, After Getting New Cars
Leap The Dips
Chain Lift Of The Millenium Force
At Cedar Point
Portrait Of The
Mauch Chuck Coaster
Then in 1959, 6 Years after Disneyland opened, The Matterhorn Bobsled Rollercoaster opened in Disneyland, And became The First Tubular steel coaster.
First Tubular Steel Coaster
The Matterhorn Bobsled in 2000
The Serpent of Fire at Feria Chapultepec Magico, In Mexico City, In 1964, Became the First Coaster to Stand Over 100 feet Tall. Thats really tall, compared to the others Before which Only stood 50, 60 Or Sometimes 70 feet.
First Coaster To Be Over 100 Feet Tall
Then, In 1975, The first Looping Coaster Opened In Knott Berry Farm, It was called the Silver Bullet in Buena Park, California. It was relocated To Silverwood Park in Idaho.
First Looping Coaster
Silver Bullet In 2008
Then In 1979, The Beast At Kings Island In Cinncinati Ohio Opened, And Became the Worlds longest Rollercoaster, Its 7,400 Feet Long.
Longest Rollercoaster
The Beast
In 1989 The First Stand up Rollercoaster
Opened in Japan, But Later Closed Because People Were Complaining About It Being to "Crazy", So they Shut It Down
First Stand up Coaster
Stand Up Coaster "Mind Bender"
At West Edmonton Mall In Canada
Nothing Happened for a while thats Milestone worthy until Goliath Opened At Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2000, It became The Fastest and tallest (255 ft.) full circuit coaster.
Fastest Full Ciruit Coaster
The First Rocket Launch coaster to Open Was the Hyper XLC in 2001 at Kings Dominion in Doswell Virginia. A Rocket coaster is A coaster That Shoots you Forward with A chain Or Air, Like The Top Thrill Dragster
First "Rocket Launch" Coaster
Hyper XLC
In 2002, The Coaster Titled Air Opened at Alton Towers In England. A flying coaster is a coaster where you lay on your stomach, not sitting down.
First "Flying" Coaster
Air, At Alton Towers
The Fastest Rocket coasters Is Kingda Ka At Six Flags Great Adventures In Jackson New Jersey. This Coaster Goes 128 Mph. And Stands 456 Ft. And The Top Thrill Dragster At Cedar Point, it Goes 120 Mph And Is 420 Ft. Tall
Fastest Rocket Coasters
Kingda Ka
Top Thrill Dragster
The Fastest Rollercoaster Ever Is Ring Racer At Nuerburgring Track In Germany. It Goes 134 Mph. It Was
Supposed To
Open In 2009
But Didnt Until
Fastest Roller Coaster Ever
Ring Racer
Pictures: Coastergallery.com




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