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Erik Goodwin

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Unsouled

The Setting, and It's Importance
The setting of my book, Unsouled, by Neal Shusterman, plays a very important part in the story, and its understanding. The setting is a future dystopian society, 30-50 years from now. The setting helps you understand one of the themes too, ethics, and more about the conflicts that arise in the story.
Connor Lassiter
The main protagonist in the novel.
Risa Ward
Important Protagonist/Confidant
Camus Comprix
Protagonist in his POV, antagonist to Connor and almost everyone else. Also used as a Foil.
Main Antagonists
J.T. Nelson-
"Parts Pirate." (Illegally harvests human organs for profit). Mainly after Connor and Lev, for revenge.
Archie Skinner-
Also is antagonizing Connor out of revengeful reasons.
Characters and Their Roles
By: Neal Shusterman

Other Chracters With Importance to the Story
Levi Garrity-
Very Minor Protagonist in the story, but plays a key part in Connor's journey throughout the book.

Grace Skinner-
Acts as a confidant to Connor, Lev, and Cam during the journey.

Cam's maker, protector, and his main antagonist.

Mason Starkey-
Has his own little story throughout the novel, but it's more distracting than it is informative.
The fight between Utilitarianism (greater good) and Deontology (ethical duty and obligation) is a huge part of the story.

The overuse of power by parents/guardians and the government is also a key part in this novel.
"Hope can be bruised and battered. It can be forced undeground and even rendered unconsious, but hope cannot be killed." -Sonia Unsouled By: Neal Shusterman
Good Review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R9X1LZHP6F42C/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt/185-9018035-2212642#R9X1LZHP6F42C

Points I Agree With:
- Shusterman uses multiple POV writing to his advantages by layering his writing with multiple emotions to one event.It keeps you wanting more, while informing you at the same time.

Bad Review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1G1O12W7431FJ/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt/185-9018035-2212642#R1G1O12W7431FJ

Points I Disagree With:
-The author says that the book wasn't exciting and didn't inform us as readers. In this book, we met 2 new key characters, and were introduced to key events that effected the book in big ways.
Critical Reviews
This book, being the 3rd book in a thrilling dystopian series, gives key insight on the value of human life and personal choice. Also, take it from another teen, IT'S A GOOD BOOK. The series gives the reader an opportunity to question life and think about critical ethical questions.
-Facial Scars
-Grafted arm with shark tatoo
-Blonde-brown Hair
-Tall and Strong
-Natural Leader
-Green Eyes
-Seams all over
his body
Why Should You Even Read It?
Presentation By: Erik Goodwin 3R
Text To Self Connection

A connection that I found, was the imbalance of powerin today's society. Most adults just shrug off the opinions of teens and children just because of our age. Teens in this book experience this, but on a completely different level.
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