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Josh logiin and lillz

No description

Logan Lavender

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Josh logiin and lillz

Key Characters and Object Characters: The Korean Airline flight 801 crashed at Nimmitz Hill on August 5th, 1997.

Many people described the pilot of this flight as brave.

The pilot had difficulty seeing the runway due to the heavy rainfall. Plus, the instruments on the plane showed the pilot that he was lower than expected and it cost 228 people their lives. Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes

By: Josh Romero, Logan Lavender, and Lillian Price. Malfunctions: a failure to function properly.

Co-pilot: a pilot who is second in command of an aircraft.

Mitigation: The act of lessening the of intensity; the act of making a condition less severe

Aircraft: Any machine supported for flight in the air by buoyancy or action in the air.

Cockpit: A space in the forward part of an airplane containing controls. Vocabulary objects: The Korean Airline performs on an internal audit and finds numerous problems themselves. At the time of the study, in the past 20 years the Korean Airlines experienced 17 crashes Some countries have considered banning the Korean airlines from flying within their borders. The Korean Airlines determined that their flight crew is inattentive and undertrained. The airlines realized that the large part
of their problem was Korea's cultural legacy Suren Rattwatte's area of expertise was
on how behavior can effect flight saftey The pilot and co-pilot
failed to communicate
the urgency of the
air traffic controller ass shit cockpunch The Colombian pilot communicates the situation in a casual way. George Hofstede researches some cultural differences among the countries of the world. The PDI (Power Distance Index) means that people interact with figures of authority. The burden of understanding is placed on the listener... Gladwell, he researched why Korean Airlines crashed so often.

George Hofstede, researches cultural differences between the countries of the world. Korean Airlines: Gladwell researches why the Korean Airlines crash so often. Usually they crash because of mis-communication between the pilot and co-pilot.

Plane Crashes: The whole study is based on the many crashes that the Korean Airlines had within this time period. Main Idea:

This chapter is about how the South Korean Airlines had so many plane plane crashes. Gladwell and George Hoftstede research how the pilots and co-pilot's behavior can affect how smoothly the plane runs. Also, Hoftstede researches some of the cultural differences among the countries of the world and how they come into play too
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