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Manipulation in translation

No description

razan etawi

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Manipulation in translation

*Manipulation is one of the most controversial and blurred phenomena in Translation Studies.

*Two types of manipulation –
Manipulation in translation
Opinions on Translation as Manipulation
-Various scholars have attempted to describe
it, discussing both its positive and negative aspects.
-multiple readings of one and the same text...
-culture norms....
-translation is manipulation because no translation can ever be the same as the original.
Reasons for Manipulation

-financial considerations...
-Ideological considerations...
Results of Manipulation

when speaking about the results of manipulation, claim, that manipulation “in its positive aspect can help in the evolution of a literature and a society. Rewritings can introduce new concepts, new genres, new devices and the history of translation is the history also of literary innovation, of the shaping power of one culture upon another,r. But rewriting can also repress innovation, distort and contain
Reactions to Manipulation
translators need to be aware of the phenomenon manipulation in all its manifestations, to be able to control it, and not to be controlled by it.

the appeal to translator ethics, professionalism and common sense.

2.Opinions on translation as manipulation

3.Reasons for manipulation

4.Results of manipulation

5.Reaction to manipulation


*is translation manipulation?
-depends on the vantage point adopted and on one’s understanding of manipulation and translation as phenomena.

*why is it so difficult to conceptualize manipulation, lies in the very nature of this evasive phenomenon?
- develop a clear concept of translational manipulation.
-make a clear distinction between manipulation and other translation strategies.

Farahzad, F. and Allameh, T. (1999). A Gestalt Approach to Manipulation. Museum Tusculanum Press University of Copenhagen.
Lefevere, A. (1992). Translation, Rewriting and the Manipulation of Literary Fame. Routledge.

Lefevere, A (1992). Translation, Rewriting and the Manipulation of Literary Fame. Routledge.
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Chrisafulli, E. Umberto, Eco’s Hermeneutics and Translation: Between
‘ Manipulation’ and ‘Over-interpretation’.
Autonomous creation
Deletion -(An Alpha Romeo town car /
un Alpha Romeo
Naturalization-(Hundred grand/
Diez millones de pesetas
)(ten million pesetas)
Absolute universalization-(Hundred grand/
mucho dinero
)(much money)
limitied universalization-(Hundred grand/
cien mil dolares
)(hundred thousand dollars)
Intra/Extratextual gloss
linguistic (not cultural)translation
Repetition,transcription or transliteration
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