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my world

new prezi

nisreen ali

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of my world

Hiii, I want to take you
on a journey in my world so, get ready for
a wild ride !! Here's our 1st station:
The searching lab * searching, searching, searching... * collecting all the required data. * exploring other experiences. - It's very quite here, huh... Our 2nd station will be:
The inspiration temple * Here's where i do alot of meditation...

* Get what i need of inspiration.

* Make sure that i'm fully motivated. The visual library * I've kept here all what i have seen & learnt in my whole life...to use it as an archive * It's really a very useful reference for me. means a lot of fun ..:D let's go to our next station...
before its getting dark :) **oops, that was a tough landing...
sorry for that This area was for regular ideas
& traditional way of thinking... * As u can see it's deserted
as i rarely come here.. * But this area was replaced by
a whole new department which will
be our next stop... Here we are...
the "T O T box" department AWSOME.. isn't it ?? Think Outside The * And here i'm Free to do whatever i want
whenever i want .... without any restrictions or limits Ohhh, try to be careful as we are passing by
a " Brainstorming " process...
which happens here very often. So, take care :) * The Dreaming section..one of my favourites * where all my dreams are kept JUST until they come true * And here there is unlimited space for
dreams.. That will be our last station...
BUT don't underestimate or despise that
little wooden door as it leads to ......... guess what !!! ** It's a whole new world...which is my best part of this journey You can name it " fantasy land" " imagination park ".... but for me
it's the place where : * There is no boundries

* There is no limits

* Impossible is nothing

* It is endless & infinity Hope you enjoyed it & " MY WORLD " Unfortunately, our journey has came to an end :( wait...did i forget to mention that...... some of my previous work
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