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Precipitation Amount

How to measure precipitation.

Odaliz Santoyo

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Precipitation Amount

Precipitation Amount Precipitation is formed by water vapor and cloud droplets. For droplets to form they must form from dust, salt, or smokeparticals whichare like nucleus. Then the particals collide into water vapor and they forms a cloud. Insturments use for measuring precipitation are rain gauges, weather
radar, weather satilites, disdrometer, and hail pads. We could cut a bottle and stick a ruler in it and
mark the measurements. Then we could use the top part
that we cut off of the bottle and place
it on top. Next we placed it in a clear wide containor. After that we stick a piece of paper with
measurements writen on it. The weather observation tells me that if there is not going to be any rain, snow, sleet, or hail. This helps predict the weather by letting us knowhow the weather will be in the next days. One thing that could affect the weather data is if someone spills the precipitation gauge. What is precipitation? How to measure precipitation How to make a homemade gauge Weather Observations Take a rain gauge and if there is a storm, wait and then go out and look to see how much water has fallen Take a rain gauge and find a spot (such as a pole) Take some screws and secure the rain gauge on the pole Take some wire and wrap it around the gauge and pole We would read the rain gauge by looking at the line measurements in inches The units of measurement would be in inches Steps to make a Rain Gauge rain gauge weather radar
weather satilites disdrometer hail pad
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