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The Impact of Technology

No description

Asma Ibrahim

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of The Impact of Technology

...The Impact of Technology... Prepared by Salwa Abdel Aal Outline... Technology in the Past
Overview of the newest technology
The impact of technology on the students
How our students learn
How we teach
Overview of some tools
Discussion Technology in the Past... The type of Technology that was used Television Telephones Computers How communication took place Emails Letters Telephones How our classrooms looked like Desks Chairs Blackboards Projectors Overview of the Newest Technology... Laptops & Netbooks Technology that is used today iphones & blackberries LCD & thin clients wii, Playstations & Xbox Communication Messenger Google waves Twitter Facebook The Impact of Technology on Students... Cultural Impact

Mental Impact

Behavioral Impact

Educational Impact How do Students Learn ... Mobile Applications Educational Mobile Applications How do we teach ... Blackboard Vista
Online Courses
Computer Assessments Tutorials
Online databases
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