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Local Food Practices

No description

Dalyn Houser

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Local Food Practices

Dalyn, Alina, Mina, Charlene References Methods Conclusion Introduction Results Restaurant's Professor's Table 1. Code Frequency Restaurant Surveys Table 2. Code Frequency Professer Interviews -Economic Restraint
-Quality -ready availability
-customers local importance
-local food good for business
-lack of communication with
-Owners believe local food
-Purchase due to philosophy -Awareness
-Importance of food for family
-Corporate Infiltration
-seasonal growing
-food and cultural relationships
-Support of community economy Does higher education have an impact on local food use? 
What are the most important motivating factors in local food use and consumption? Purpose:
To determine what motivating factors impact food consumption and food awareness

-Interviewed SC professors to find relationship between sustainable views and practices, and education

-Participant observation: administering surveys to Northampton restaurants and views and use of local food Introduction Introduction
Keep Farming Northampton Survey
Smith College Professor Interviews
Results & Discussion
Key Findings
Conclusion Outline Local Food Interviewed Smith College Professor

Determine their knowledge of local food

Developed interview questions

Recorded and transcribed

Open coded and focus coded

Themes used to establish connection to restaurant surveys Professor Interviews Conducted restaurant surveys in the Northampton area

Four Surveys per team member

Interviewed employee and helped them fill out survey

Open coded field notes

Focused coding as a group Working with Keep Farming Northampton Initiative of Glynwood Center and Grow Food Northampton

Sponsored by Northampton Agricultural Commission

volunteers engaged in gathering information on the local food system Keep Farming Northampton Discussion
Keep Farming Northampton is proposing that an information sheet must be handed out to the restaurants with contact information of the farms in the area.

We believe that a national movement to localize the food system can help mitigate environmental degradation. -Contrived responses from restaurants and professors in accordance with our beliefs on the environment
-Gendered responses from professor interviews
-Discrepancies in coding Possible Biases Within Study Convenience What factors influence people to seek self-education on local food consumption?

What are the reasons for people's disregard for seeking self-education? What measures can be taken to help motivate these people to seek education?

What measures can local food businesses take to encourage people to buy local? Arising Questions Original hypothesis: A high level education impacts local food practices.
Participant observation: determine what factors are prioritized in food purchasing Backtrack frustration with the inability of local food

Lack of communication between restaurants and farmers Popular Themes Within Restaurant Surveys Quality Interviewed professors and surveyed restaurants have three priorities in common when purchasing food

1.Economic Restraint
3.Quality Common Themes Cost-efficient food purchases due to family size
High price of food deterred restaurants from purchasing locally more often
Cost was established as the highest priority for both parties “If we have any waste whatsoever from local food, then it is like throwing away money.” -Chef at surveyed restaurant “ The food that my family eats sustains their livelihoods and so it is very important to me that I feed them healthy, nutritious food.” – professor interview "Being educated about my food is important. I think if you are educated about your food you might be able to make more wise decisions about what food you should eat vs. food you shouldn't eat..." Popular Themes Within Professor Interviews Motivating Factors of Local Food Practices Economic Restraint -Importance of food for family -Awareness: -Ready Availability: Conclusion Modeling Add on We live in town, we prefer not to drive if we don't have to so convenience matters." -Professor http://www.bruker.com/typo3temp/pics/b_446706e0d8.jpg
http://www.sevengenerationsahead.org/images/uploads/SGA_web_fs_local-food.jpg http://hollisadele.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/barn-czjakowski-fam1.jpg
Coley, David, Mark Howard, and Michael Winter. "Local Food, Food Miles and Carbon Emissions: A Comparison of Farm Shop and Mass Distribution Approaches."Food Policy 34.2 (2009): 150-55. Issue of concerns: environmental degradation
Increase of carbon emissions
Percent of annual budget spent on local food =

Importance of local (customers)+ Local good for business+ Price+ Convenience+ Quality+ Freshness+ Ready availability+ Where product grown+ delivery capacity +degree of interest purchase local (people in charge of budget)+Do you obtain info from farmers regarding growing practices 1.Education
-Governmental effort to incorporate local food awareness
into school systems
-On a state level: educational programs on local food
2.Economic Restraint:
-Government subsidizing local farms and the production
of local and organic food making it cheaper
-A push to make these foods available and accessible Suggestions "Organic whenever possible or um sort of low intensity fertilization or pesticide use whatever." -a Professor Question: What factors contribute to the percent of the annual budget spent on local food? http://www.googleimages.com
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