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Gold pocket watch

No description

Kate Atkinson

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Gold pocket watch

Gold pocket watch
Where it all started....
My great great great grandfather William Forster Shaw got given this pocket watch in 1855 when he left Dunlaven district in Ireland.
The start of the journey....
William was a doctor in Ireland, in 1855 he left and headed for Geelong in Australia to continue being a doctor with his brother who was also a doctor.
The watch's inscription....
On the watch is an inscription which reads 'A token of esteem from the inhabitants of Dunlaven district to Doctor Shaw on his leaving the contry in 1855.
The inscription
About William's family....
Dr William's father was John Shaw, he was born in 1780. Dr William's mother was Mary Anne Lowe. John and Mary Anne got married in 1807. John's parents were William Shaw and Jane Forster.

Dr William Forster Shaw and Mary Anne Lowe had a child and that child had sixteen children, the second youngest then got given the watch, his name was Dr Roy Vernon Shaw, he is my great grandfather.
Family crest....
This is the forster/shaw family crest and it is on the back of the gold pocket watch, it is a hinds head peirced with an arrow. In Aldermaston is a pub named the hinds head after the crest. Our family also has signit ring that was used with wax to seal envelopes.
In Aldermaston the Forster family had a manor built for them and to this day it is still standing.
The Finale....
The Front and the key
The Inscription and the key
The Key
In the image on the left is a key and that was used to wind the watch up. You wound it up before it ran out of puff.
(There were no batteries back then.)
The Key part 2
The holes on the pocket watch are where the key is inserted to wind up the watch.
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