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Libba Bray

No description

Leighanne Law

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Libba Bray

Why I Love Libba Bray...
Who is that crazy woman in a cow suit?
Authorly factoids:
Let's talk about some of those books, eh?
And my absolute favorite...The Diviners!!
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Libba Bray doing press for her book,
Going Bovine...because this is how it's done.
Libba shares a birthday, March 11, with someone else in this room!

She wanted to be a " veterinarian-astronaut-figure-skating Julie Andrews in the “Sound of Music.” Or Queen of England".

Libba struggles with depression & shared it bravely with her readers on her blog.

She narrated her book, Beauty Queens, creating accents and personalities for each one.

She is a daring & irreverant writer and online presence.
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