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The Global IPD Curriculum

For Intranet

SOS Children's Villages Int'l

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of The Global IPD Curriculum

The Global IPD Curriculum
What is it based on?
Where can I find out more?
Visit the IPD Curriculum Page of the Global Intranet

Contact IO IPD at ipd@sos-kd.org

The Global IPD Curriculum is designed to establish a pool of IPD Certified co-workers throughout the Federation, taking participants through 7 training modules, ranging from Beginner to Advanced
What topics are dealt with?
What is the benefit?
The workshop structure and format is designed in a way that allows participants to first reflect on the area of institutional funding, the application process, and then come up with concrete ideas and actions to strengthen the performance of SOS Children’s Villages when applying for institutional funding.
The Curriculum is based on the PRAG Institutional Funding Practical Guide and Toolkit.
Overall, the training is designed to increase co-workers knowledge of and capacity in the area of Institutional Funding, in order to foster an IPD-friendly environment within the organisation.
Who should participate in the training?
Any co-workers from NAs, PSAs and GSC who are involved in formulating and implementing projects financed by public donors or foundations requiring a Project Cycle Management approach as well as co-workers who are in any other way involved in Institutional Funding processes will benefit from the ideas and techniques presented in this training.

Project Cycle Management
Institutional Funding
The benefits of IPD
Donor Relations
The modules take participants through every stage of the project cycle, to help them gain a deeper understanding of Institutional Funding requirements as a basis for decision-making, and to ensure that the standards, processes and procedures outlined in the PRAG are effectively and consistently implemented throughout the organisation.
Who are the trainers?
A global pool of Certified trainers is being established through "Training of Trainers" workshops

These trainers are from the Regions as well as from PSAs; anyone who is interested in becoming a certified IPD trainer is welcome to contact IO IPD to find out more.
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