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Product Marketing

No description

Luchen Foster

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Product Marketing

I set big goals, but they come with a plan
I want to keep learning
I've been to XX countries, had 4 overseas hospital visits, and pride myself on knowing

I enjoy learning about people
and here are four things that I think you should know about me.

Hi, my name is Lu'chen
I've traveled to 25 countries and been admitted to 4 hospitals in pursuit of learning more about people.
I've found an easier way to learn about people, it doesn't involve hospitals.
At Zaarly, I ran a customer segmentation to determine a target customer for our online local marketplace and the potential size of those segment in the US.

1,000 on-line survey respondents
112 phone person surveys
6 identified segments
1 mismatched value proposition
2 month overhaul of messaging
A few years ago I offered to make my friend's wedding cake. I had zero baking experience, but wanted to contribute in a meaningful way.
13 "idea" emails with the bride
6 months of preparation
21 test cakes
3 day project plan to execute
1 happy bride and groom

While I was at Glyde we needed to find a cost-effective way to quickly grow our current game inventory. Hardcore gamers viewed their games as a collection. We needed social gamers because they were more likely to flip games to buy new ones, giving us low priced inventory of current games.
Find swag items that sway a social gamer to flip.
Launch "game" days in college gyms to make it stupid simple for a social gamer to flip.
Construct the right message to motivate someone to flip.

Flip 1500+ Q3 game releases while building a long term strategy to retain an adequate stock of current game releases.
2 agencies corralled for PR and Creative
4 college campus events planned
1 Glyde Ambassador program created
2,300 Ambassador applications received
1,800+ current game titles flipped

I'm on the hunt for optimal solutions, not easy ones
I drive to work everyday and rarely take the same route or leave at the same time. I'm constantly looking for the route with less Muni buses, zero bikers and drivers that understand left turn signals.

I'm sure it's easier to follow a GPS

Groupon approached Walmart.com to launch a daily deal that would net us a minimum of 250K new online users. This was an inexpensive acquisition channel leveraging an online source we were sure our brick & mortar customers were following.

This alone did not feel like the optimal solution to get our brick & mortar users shopping on Walmart.com
Instead we built CrowdSaver

350K+ New FB Fans acquired
185K+ New Walmart.com users
1,000 Plasma TVs sold
$0 Marketing cost to Walmart
I led a team that built and concepted a Groupon inspired app to leverage the Walmart FB page.
About two years ago I became a fitness instructor for The Bar Method. I wanted to learn a new skill that was 180 degrees different than my day to day .

I'm now confident in human anatomy, physical therapy and know the verbal motivation to get someone to push themselves to the limit.
When I started at Minted I decided to assign our wedding customers to cohorts.

I needed data from our backend database and zero engineering resources could help.

I bought a book on SQL and annoyed our engineers with some "rookie moves". In a few weeks I built some ugly and inefficient queries, but got my data into nice clean tables.

I hope these four things gave you a glimpse of who I am, and what I can bring to the team.
Thanks, Lu'chen
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