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Analysing: Story Map:

No description

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Analysing: Story Map:

Analysing: Story Map:
The perfect gift

The Problem
Well it's quite different really instead of the man giving the cat

a perfect gift it was the other way around,the cat was trying

to find a perfect gift for the man... which lead to a whole lotta

money, a computer fix and a dead mouse.
The Response
The response. let me tell you it took awhile for the cat to find

the perfect gift for the man. it eventually happened though. The

cat had thought of a brilliant idea well at least she thought it

was brilliant, a dead brown field mouse to go with his

computer. What a smart little cat... I think?
Action/ What happens throughout
Well I guess I gave you a hint from the problem section about what sorta happens... Do you remember well if you don't here it goes. At first the cat thought of how much time the man spent on his computer trying to fix a propblem so she ended up fixing it but she thought it was to complicated for the man so she decided to get some money from the bank but it turns out he already had quite a lot of money so then she saw just the thing a dead brown field mouse for his computer.
Who are the Characters you may ask?
Well There are three:
The Cat
The man
The dead mouse

Not very many characters right?
Well it's still an interesting story.
The Man/The Cat/The Dead Mouse
The Man The cat The Dead Mouse
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