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Pyramid Preparation Period Day 6

No description

Xian S

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of Pyramid Preparation Period Day 6

Sorority History 1979-1992
National Presidents 17-19
Jewels 7-9
Awards & Scholarships
Delta Prayer
Delta Hymn
Delta Mizpah
Sweetheart Song
Pyramid Preparation Period Day 6
Hortense Golden Canady
18th National President
Established the Delta Leadership Academy
Initiated Summit II – A Call to Action in Support of Black Single Mothers
Commissioned a woman’s conference on The African Diaspora
Celebrated the Sorority’s Diamond Jubilee (75th) at the 39th National
Convention in San Francisco, California
Yvonne Kennedy (1988-1992)
19th National President
Launched “Every Delta in the Delta House” DelShare Program
Designated the 1988 – 1990 biennium as “The Reclamation Era”
Initiated Project Cherish
Implemented School America Program

Jewels 7-9
This jewel is dedicated to our
, born slaves or freed to struggle, leaving a legacy of achievement in overcoming oppression in the cause of freedom and justice.
This jewel is dedicated to the
deceased Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta
Mona Humphries Bailey
17th National President
Revision of the Delta Ritual
Membership Intake Program reformed
Implementation of the Capital Fund Drive
Campaign to “Burn The Mortgage” on National Headquarters
Implementation of a reclamation campaign designed to increase
active membership by 10 percent
This jewel is dedicated to the
National Staff
Read over assigned awards & share a summary
The Julia Bumry Jones (Journalism) Scholarship
The Juliette Derricotte (Social Work) Scholarship
The Sadie T.M. Alexander (Law) Scholarship
The Myra Davis Hemmings (Creative/Performing Arts) Scholarship
The Bertha Pitts Campbell (general) Scholarship
The Vashti Turley Murphy (Theology) Scholarship
Howard University Founders and Past National Presidents Endowed Scholarship

Delta Prayer
Delta Hymn
Delta Mizpah
Sweetheart Song
pg. 76
pg. 99
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