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What was Pearl Harbor???

No description

Karen Simmons

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of What was Pearl Harbor???

What Was Pearl Harbor?
By Zachery Pannacci
What was Pearl Harbor you may ask? It was a U.S. base located in Hawaii, Oaho. But on Dec 7, 1941, 6:05 AM a Japanese fleet started to attack the Pearl Harbor base.

What was Pearl Harbor???
Pearl Harbor Monument
Now you may be asking, What does Roosevelt have to do with this? Well I'll tell you. He was the person to make more of America's people join the army which means that he made more people go to the Pearl Harbor base so if there weren't more people, there would be less survivors on our side. He was also elected pres 3 times.
The Attack
When the band started playing the fighter planes flew right over the Pearl Harbor an started dropping bombs! The band refused to stop playing because it was their special anthem but after that they probably screamed " RUUUUUUN!!!" They ran for shelter. A lot of them were actually not hit. But a lot of them weren't lucky and got hit.
The After Math
The aftermath was all ash; smoke; and destruction. Planes were on the ground destroyed. Ships were destroyed and on fire and some were still sinking. Firefighters were putting out fires and photographers were taking pictures for the news paper. It was a mess.
The Pearl Harbor happened on Dec 7, 1941 at 6:05 AM and ended at 9:45 AM.
It was a sunny day at the Pearl Harbor base and their wasn't a single cloud in sight.The people at the base were ready to raise the flag, the band was ready to play, and some other people were just talking about their Sunday planes and not war. Most of the war right now was happening in Europe and Africa. But in the distance the saw planes coming for Pearl Harbor and the people their thought it was a drill. But the planes kept coming forward and the thought that was odd and thought very little of an attack.
Till this day this ship is visited by more than one million people annually. The ship goes down to 40 feet underwater. It sunk by 4 bombs. it is a ship
from Pearl Harbor
and the Pearl
Harbor is a very
important day to
Inside the wreck
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