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Should Asian American immigrants assimilate to American cult

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Devin Rose

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Should Asian American immigrants assimilate to American cult

Asian American Experience-Challenge
by Devin Ferguson

Types of Change
Changes Related to Time
it takes some time for people to adapt to other cultures
Overall, I am not a 100% yes or no to Asian American immigrants assimilating to the American culture. As most can see, assimilation doesn't only apply to the Asian American immigrants. It applies to all immigrants traveling to other countries. People of different cultures can control their assimilation. Assimilation isn't the easiest for everyone, so I believe that immigrants shouldn't be forced to. Immigrants should be allowed maintain their culture and/or adapt to a new culture.
Should Asian American immigrants assimilate to American culture or maintain their own?
Why should they assimilate?
need to follow and learn immigration laws
easier to communicate and interact with others
won't be left out or seen as different
won't be discriminated against
should stay in touch with their cultural customs
some immigrants are forced to leave their home because of war so they shouldn't be forced to adapt to our culture
U.S. is known for diversity, so I think we should maintain that diversity
in America we have freedom rights, allowing diversity
people can learn about other cultures
Why should they not assimilate?
try to fit in and people won't judge you, but your family could be offended by the denial of the culture
if generation after generation live in America, they could naturally adapt to the culture over the years
people can force themselves to be Americanized so they won't be judged by others
Change is Everywhere
everyone assimilates if they move away from home
assimilation is part of life
"Rules of Games"
The mother struggles with American immigration laws and "American rules" in general
"Tiger Mom"
The author explains that being social wasn't allowed, so later in life it was hard to talk to people
The Tang people are discriminated against by the Americans or "demons"
My mom's side of the family is originally from the Philippines, so they get made fun of because of their accents
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