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Fresh Direct

No description

Zachary Mansell

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Fresh Direct

Strengths Lean structure & higher margins 4-minute meals Convenience!!!! Loyalty Weaknesses Logistic Inefficiencies Small margin for error Not "Green" Poor catering High Personnel Turnover Opportunities Significant room for growth
Current Trends IPO Threats
Rising Cost of Inputs Increasing Competition Unions Legislation Sales 2003
55 Sales 2004
100 Sales 2005
150 Sales 2006
175 Sales 2007
200 Sales 2008
215 Sales 2009
240-250 Sales 2010*
300 With ease and efficiency, FreshDirect delivers high quality groceries to your door for less than most local grocers. No lines, no waiting, no hassle! Online grocery shopping is estimated to be a $20 billion market. Have 45,000-50,000 core customers that make up 2/3 of total revenue Considering expansion to Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, and D.C. Increasingly Competitive Environment Online retailer with no brick-and-mortar locations. Must move 10 times the volume to be profitable. Key Trends Aging population
Healthier Foods
Growing Ethnic Diversity
Environmental Concerns
Prepared Meals Unions Operations Management New York's traffic laws and environmentalists Critical Factors and Recommendations Web-site Greener Image Lower Turnover More Marketing,
especially online Critical Factors Continued Specialty Health Food Option Drop Catering Services
Price asdfasdfadsf
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