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Tin By Zoe and Julia

No description

lis lab3

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Tin By Zoe and Julia

Tin with copper is bronze, not brass, it's used for canning just like glass!
History of Tin!
Uses of Tin
The science of Tin
Fun Facts!
About TIN!
That's all folks!
Tin was named after the Etruscan god Tinia. Tinia was the leader of the Etruscan gods and goddesses. Tin also comes from the Latin word stannum.
1. Tin is used to make cans
2. Tin is used to make pottery glaze
3. To have frost free windshields
4. To make alloy
5. To coat other metals to prevent corrosion
Atomic number: 50
Boiling point: 4118 F
State of element: Solid
Color: Silver
Symbol: Sn
Periodic table category: Poor metals(group #14)
When it was first used: The bronze age
Where it is found: Malaysia, Bolivia, Indonesia, Zaire, Thailand, and Nigeria
1. Tin has 10 isotopes
2. At one time tin was popular as a household item for tin plates and cups
3. Combines with copper to make bronze
Tin Pictures
The End!!!!!
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