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liam nicholson

No description

H Johnston

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of liam nicholson

liam nicholson consloles

A joypad has arrows pads and d pads in order to move around. These use shoulder and triger buttons to make the game better

They are used by playstation and xbox


These are mosly used for plane simualators. It feels more realistic to play than using a joypad
Mouse and Keyboard

These are used to play games on pc and some companys make gaming mouses and keyboards

Touch screen

This uses the touch of a finger to make something happen. Most phones are made with touch screen to make it easier.

An example of these are ipads and iphones
Motion sensing

These use sensers or infared to command the console

WII used these to try and make games more active but xbox took it a step further and took away the controler and it was controled using our bodies
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