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"It's Never Just Heart Disease..."

chapter 23

Rachael Harbison

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of "It's Never Just Heart Disease..."

" It's Never Just Heart Disease..." chapter 23 The Heart Who uses it?
How is it Used? examples one tree hill the heart attack scrubs in the second clip the dad took the role of the conniving, selfish, cruel person. After watching this an instant connection is drawn from because of his mean heart it is the cause of his heart attack This last example displays that people connect heart disease to depression and other things that emotionally ties in. The heart takes in things that are overwhelming. Authors use the heart to feel emotion When a character has a heart condition, it wouldn't be a surprise to see that the antagonist is the one with the heart difficulties In the novel "The Good Solider" by Ford Madox Ford both Florence and Edward pretend to have a heart condition in order to get what they want. Florence uses the excuse to betray her husband and keep him subdued, and Edward uses it to escape from his duty in the army. selfish loneliness The Heart is symbolized for emotion and it is one of the mere things that keep us alive. *Love is in our hearts, losing love is in our heartbreak. Heart disease is really sensitive topic.
When authors use any type of heart condition in a story people don't ever complain about it, just because it's such a real and straightforward thing. bad love cruelty disloyalty cowardice lack of determination Dan Scott is the heartless father and ex husband to his family. Soon he discovered his fatal heart disease. When heart problems occur inside a novel people look for a significance The irony about heart disease is in stories nothing is wrong physically, it is the faithlessness, selfishness, and cruelty- it kills within It's common to assume this because normally the antagonist is the person who is missing something on an emotional level. can contain... Sources
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