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8th Grade Student & Parent Presentation

No description

Holly Hammonds

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of 8th Grade Student & Parent Presentation

Get Ready for
9th Grade
Union Academy only offers the Future Ready Core Graduation Track.
Other Graduation tracks are available at other schools.
In order to earn a diploma from Union Academy you will need to earn 22 required credits.

Today I will understand the requirements for graduation and their importance to my future.
I will also learn how high school course registration works and what is used for College Admissions!
Learning Goal
Your High School Counselors...
Last Names A-L
Mrs. Hammonds

Last Names M-Z
Mrs. Sylvestre

Character Education
Mrs. Brun

Guidance Secretary
Ms. Koning

Graduation Requirements
Class of 2021
What are the 22 required credits?
English: 4 Credits

Math: 4 Credits
Including Math I , Math II ,Math III , and a higher level math with Math III as the prerequisite

Science: 3 Credits
Environmental, Biology, & a physical science
Social Studies: 4 Credits
Including World History, American History I & II or AP US History & 1 other SS course, and Civics & Economics

PE/Health: 1 Credit

World Languages: 2 credits of the same language

Electives: 4 Credits
2 credits must be within the same discipline
Question 1
List 3 examples of classes that count as an art credit.
Question 2
Besides Math I, Math II, and Math III, what additional math class can you take?
Let's check your understanding of graduation requirements.
What tests will I take in High School?
*PSAT (9th-11th Grade)
PLAN 10th Grade
*End of Course Exams:
Math I
English II
Mid-terms- 15% of final semester grade

Final Exams- 25% of final yer-long grade
So NOW how well do you understand graduation requirements, course selections, and future opportunities?
Before we get started...
Be respectful
Listen when others are speaking.
You will be given an opportunity to ask your questions at different sections of the presentation.
UA Requires that students pass at least 5 out of 6 courses and have a 2.0 semester GPA to participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities.
You will need...
PowerSchool Login
Union Academy Course Planning Guide
Union Academy Graduation Requirement Worksheet
Written instructions for Course Registration using PowerSchool

All 9th grade students will take English I or English I Honors (teacher recommendation required)
Most 9th grade students will take Earth and Environmental Science.
Advanced 9th grade science students who are in Math I or Math II this year AND would like to take AP Earth and Environmental Science in 10th or 11th grade, will take Biology Honors in 9th grade. (Teacher recommendation required.)
9th grade students will take World History
World History Honors(teacher recommendation required)
AP World History (teacher recommendation required)
High School Math Sequence
Math I
Math II
Math III

North Carolina Academic Scholars
*Recognition given at graduation for students who take an academically challenging high school program.
*Criteria is set by the State of North Carolina
* Seal of recognition on diploma.
*Can be mentioned when applying to college and for scholarships.
*Requires an unweighted GPA of 3.5!

Why do my course selections and grades matter in High School?
* To Graduate with a High School Diploma
* To continue your education after High School
* To get a Great Job!

Begin with the end in Mind!!

What do Colleges look for in admissions?
Final Grades from 9th- 11th grade
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Class rank
Rigor/ difficulty of classes taken in High School
SAT or ACT Scores
Community Service & Extra Curricular Activities
Senior Year Schedule
Extra Curricular Activities/ Athletics/Service
UA has Community Service expectations to be completed outside of school.
Colleges prefer to see "depth" to your activities. Pick a few activities and stick with them throughout High School. Show leadership!
Students must be passing 70% of scheduled courses to be eligible for a Driver's Eligibility Certificate- reviewed per semester.
Words of Wisdom from UA Seniors
If I had to do high school over, I wish I would have:
Cared about my grades my freshmen and sophomore year
Worked harder through my freshmen and sophomore year because it really does matter
Don’t take slack classes
Taken advantage of the opportunities to attend events
Taken school more seriously
Gotten a higher GPA and test scores
Not have messed up in the 9th & 10th grade
Challenged myself more
Taken more Honors, AP and college classes and tried harder in Math
Run for a Student Council position
Been a super nerd and studied for everything
Been more open-minded
Actually applied myself and studied
Been more social
Been involved in clubs

Let's take a look at your HS Graduation Requirements & the Graduation Requirements Worksheet

Most 9th Grade Students will take:
English I (or Honors; or higher if you have taken HS English in Middle School)
Math I (or higher if you have taken HS Math in Middle School)
World History (or Honors or AP)
Earth and Environmental Science (or Honors Biology)
Spanish I (or higher if you have taken HS Spanish in Middle School)
Year long elective

*If you wish to take 4 years of a particular elective (such as Band) AND 4 years of Spanish, you can choose to take 7 classes your freshman year, with your Health/PE class occurring at 7:10 BEFORE 1st period.
Talk with you school counselor about this option.
{ Spanish, Art I, Band I, Orchestra I, Theatre I, Vocal Music I, Yearbook I, Foundations of Business, Animal/Marine Science, Horticulture/Forestry }
High School Course Registration
Will begin tomorrow
You will be given the HS Course Selection Form in 1st period.
Take it to each of your classes where your current teachers will sign off on their recommendations.
Talk to your teachers about the possibility of taking Honors courses.
Take the form home and share the course registration form with your parents.
Mark an X for
courses (7) and select 4
(A1-A4). Have parents sign the line for your chosen courses. Parents may choose an Honors course over the recommendation of the teacher- but be aware:
Honors = extra work
It is not possible to "drop down" once you begin the course.
Return the form (with teacher/parent signatures) by
February 20.
If you or your parents want an individual meeting, call/email Mrs. Brun
kbrun@unionacademy.org or 704-238-8883 ext. 143
15 Hours 9th grade + 30 hours/year 10th- 12th grade = 105
Advanced Functions & Modeling (AFM)
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC
Career Technical Education (CTE), Fine Arts (Visual Art, Theater, Band, Chorus), or any other academic area (Science, Math, English, Social Studies)
It is recommended that students take at least one Fine Art course during high school.
UA students entering into 9th grade in the 2017-18 SY will be required to fulfill their foreign language requirement during their first two years of high school .
Electives: 2 must
be of the same
(Arts, CTE, Academic)
This will require either:
1- HS credits earned in MS
2-the 0 period PE/Health in 9th grade
3- online classes or summer classes
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