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Call on Duty

No description

Nicholas Akingbemi

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Call on Duty

Call on Duty!
Housing and Residential Life Ops II
Valarie Delgado- HC
Nicholas Akingbemi- HC

Picking up the duty bag
When and how to do a duty round
How to properly confront situations
Administrative Duties
How to be consistent with the job

Picking Up The Duty Bag
When To Do A Duty Round
First duty round should between 5pm & 6pm
Every round thereafter should be approximately every 2hours. Ex: 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm, 1am
A total of 4-6 rounds should be executed depending on the day.
Ex: 4 rounds on a weekday and 6 on a weekend.
How To Properly Confront a Situation
Know your stuff!
Refer back to training, use resources and trust the process.
Go in with a calm, cool and collected temper.
Both RA's need to be present.
Don't be biased.
Be professional, take care of business and get it done!
Administrative Duties
Duty Log
Lockout Log
Desk Duty

Arrive about 10-15mins prior of time scheduled to pick up bag.
Receive further instruction from ACORE on Duty. Ex: put up posters, take posters down, look out for parties, etc
Grab the backpack, grab the keys, grab the phone and forward the phone.
See It In Action!
Time for YOU to take the Call!!
1. Noise Complaint (RED)
2. Alcohol Party (BLACK)
3. Smoking (WHITE)
HOW to do Duty!
-Primary and Secondary choose a building lobby location to meet up.

-Walk down each floor: check the emergency lights, stairs, elevator, study rooms and entrances/exits.

-Check doors and walls for old publicity.

-Check fire extinguisher and fire alarm working condition.
Answering THEE Call
See it in Action
Lock Outs
Ask for their Coyote ID
Have them fill out the log
Noise Complaints
Knock, Announce yourself, tell them to quiet down NICELY.
Other Confrontations...
Alcohol....the GOOD and the BAD...
See it in Action
Act it out
Group Discussion
How did you feel when they were compliant? When they weren't?
Are you comfortable confronting situations?
What stood out to you?
Issues? Fears?
5 mins


Answering the phone
What do you do?
Guest passes
Your Resources?
When do you call CSOs?
When do you call ACORE?
When do you call UPD?
Only in emergencies
Weed, Altercations,Keying in, Fire Alarms, etc...
1. Always be visible
2. Always be ON TIME
3. Be Engaged!
4. Respond to calls in a timely manner & respond like you love your job
5. Do your rounds consistently...dont just walk through your building.
Check for old posters
Check for damages
Say Hi to residents and not just your own
Notice if things are out of place
Check in with other RAs
Questions, Comments, Concerns?
2 mins!
Get water!
You need:
-Coyote ID
-Room #

See It In Action!
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