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apple desi

City of Ember

melissa reese

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of apple desi

Finally the whole truth will come out. city of ember by :desi oats cityof ember movie city of ember book Characts pictures. the mole has teeth City of Ember PLOT LINE!!! Doon- A person that is nice ,but has anger
isues.He is smart and is awhere that the whole city is almost gone.
poppy-lina's little sister she is very shy and playful and is abit of a handful.
Lina- A person that is curious ,but not a where the city is gone until she finds instroctions.
Lizzie-A person that is excited ,but not so much belivable also very sneaky. Crush: Looper.
Looper-A guy thats sneaky and a thief giving the Mayor stuff that Ember needs.
Mayor Cole- A guy that is unbelivable and has much greed he is letting the city he owns die off and he will be the only one alive.
Clary-A woman that works at Green House. She is the Keeper of the Green House she is also lina's friend.
grandma-she is lina's grand mother she passes of an illness.she tells lina about the box (that is the one with directions)her great grand father told her about hes the 7th mayor. I like the whole book it really captures your attenion. I only didn't like the part where Lina was talking to the mayor and he said ''ember is the only place'' the other thing I really don't like is how the mayor had boxes and boxes full of light bulbs ,and didn't even give some to the city .I just thought it was tacky and selfish. intro: In the city of ember,the sky was always dark. "Its about a town loosingn there life when
they find the truth. poppy lina & doon evil looper evil mayor cole little mrs inacint lizzie the book MY likes & dislikes Jeanne DuPrau-- She grew up in the 1950s, when poeple worried there might be a nuclear war! Some were building bomb shelters in their back yards. This influenced her idea for the City of Ember a city built to protect the human race from a terrible threat. She was also just interested in the idea of a city that had no light other than electricity. What would it be like to live in such darkness, and to know that light and food and supplies were all running out? Not to know about weather or trees or animals (except for a few rats and insects) or any other places? All this grabbed her imagination.Once she had written The City of Ember she hoped it would make people think about our world.About the sun and the moon, the forests and the ocean, the wind and the rain. Also how precious it all is.she is a very good role modle.she is a great auther and im happy we read this book. conclusion; Mrs.Murdo picked up the light and simply untied it. climax: doon and lina and poppy were on th boat and they finaly made it. opening:A world so dark was about to find thier way out. My plot line!!! By:desi By:deseree oats Rising:lina and doon are best friends they find out that this isn't the only world when lina takes paper and small chewed pieses from popy. Climax: doon is being chased after by the mayors gaurds for saying there are other places besides ember and lina was captured by the gaurds.she excapted when a huge long blackout happen. Falling: lina got popy from misses murdo and met doon at the pipe works and they went down the river onthe boat they were screaming yelling holding on tightly.Then they slowed down and got off the boat. Conclusion:They made it to the top and they looked through a whole they found. They looked down and saw ember they wrote about how to get out and dropped it through and misses murdo picked up.In the movie doon's dad picked it up. that is our prezi tation get it prezi tation! hands off my baby may be cute but she bite im watchen you and ... ALL ABOUT THE AUTHER.
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