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Relief of Earth

No description

Theodora AG

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Relief of Earth

Pangea evolution
The Pangea broke up, forming the continents.These continents are no fixed, but they are moving,because the crust is divided into several plates, called tectonic plates.
The Earth is divided into three layers

The crust
is the surface layer.It is a thin,solid layer made of rock. The Earth's crust has a solid part (continents) and a liquid part (oceans).

The mantle
is the intermediate layer.This layer is almost 85% of the Earth's volume.It includes magma, which is molten rock.

The core
is the deepest layer.
What is the Earth's relief like?
The Earth's relief is diverse: mountains, plains, dipressions, continental shelves, deep sea trenches,oceanic ridges etc.
Today's show
The Earth's Relief

The structure of the Earth
How is the relief formed?
The Earth's relief changes.

In 1912 the German Alfred Wegeren outlined his continental drift theory.According to this theory 200 millions years ago there was a single giant land mass (one supercontinent) called Pangea that was surrounded by a single ocean called Tethys Sea.
What is a relief?

It is the vertical and horizontal dimension of land surface.
Distribution of the Tectonic Plates

The most important Tectonic Plates in the world are the Eurasian plate, the North American and South American plates, the Pacific plate, the Indo-Austalian plate,etc.
Land Relief

Continental relief
The Earth's surface isn't flat,there are mountains,plains,plateaws, valleys,etc.
The relief of the continents is very varied.
Created By:
Mary-Anne Meletlidou
Steven Baldoumis
Serafeim Hatzopoulos

Aigidou Theodora
Jonh Vanasikas
Let's see an interesting video

600 million years ago was the ................ Era
470 million years ago was the................. Era
280 million years ago was the................. Era




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