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Hans Christian Andersen

No description

Susannah Chun

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Hans Christian Andersen

It's a BOY!

Jonas Collins
Director of the Royal Danish Theatre (Jan. 1821)
Sent Andersen to Grammar School in Slagelse
Friend of King Frederick
Convinced King Frederick VI to pay half of the tuition
Royal Danish Theatre (1874)
King Frederik VI of Denmark
Only Child
Poor family
Local School
For poor children
Forced to support himself
Basic education
Weaver's apprentice
Tailor's apprentice
Often made fun of by collegues
April 2, 1805
Odense, Funen, Kingdom of Denmark and Norway
Father: Hans Anderson
Mother: Anne Marie Andersdatter
Religion: Catholic
Map Of my hometown
Anne Marie Andersen (1773 or 1775-1833)
Married Andersen Febuary 2, 1805
Remarried 1818 to another cobbler (died in 1822)
Eldest Daughter
Worked at a grocery store
worked as a maid
Became an alcoholic
Died at the Graabrodre Hospital
Hans Andersen I
Married Anne Marie Andersdatter, Febuary 2, 1805
Elementary Educated (self-taught)
Introduced Arabian Nights to me
Introduced Andersen to theatre/puppet theatre
Died in 1816 from poor health
I wanted to be an actor at the Royal Danish Theatre
I sang in the choir
Acted small parts in plays
Ferdinand Lidgren suggests I stick to writing
In 1822, I was kicked out of the theatre
Youthful Attempts is published
First story
The Robbers of Vissenberg on Fyen
Sent in anonymously
Rejected because of violence
One scene was published in the Harpen (August 1st)
School in Elsinore/HelsingorØ
Taken by Thora Hallager, 1869
Hans Christian Andersen
By Susannah Chun
Ms. Churchill
English Honors 2, Period 5
8 November 2014

Painting by Martin Driscoll
The Dying Child

By Hans Christian Andersen.

Mother, I'm tired, and I would fain be sleeping;
Let me repose upon thy bosom sick;
But promise me that thou wilt leave off weeping,
Because thy tears fall hot upon my cheek.

Here it is cold: the tempest raveth madly;
But in my dreams all is so wondrous bright;
I see the angel-children smiling gladly,
When from my weary eyes I shut out light.

Mother, one stands beside me now! and, listen!
Dost thou not hear the music's sweet accord?
See how his white wings beautifully glisten?
Surely those wings were given him by the Lord!

Green, gold, and red, are floating all around me;
They are the flowers the angel scattereth.
Should I have also wings while life has bound me?
Or, mother, are they given alone in death?

Why dost thou clasp me as if I were going?
Why dost thou press thy cheek so unto mine?
Thy cheek is hot, and yet thy tears are flowing!
I will, dear mother, will be always thine!

Do not sigh thus – it marreth my reposing;
But if thou weep, then I must weep with thee!
Ah, I am tired – my weary eyes are closing –
Look, mother, look! the angel kisseth me!
First novel
Selective Accomplishments
Picture by Edmund Dulac
Princess and the Pea
The Ugly Duckling
Illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen
Famous Fairytales
that are
popular and well
known today

The Nightingale
Illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen
The Emperor's New Clothes
Illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen
The Little Mermaid
Illustrated by Edmund Dulac
The Little Match Girl
by A.J
Illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
Illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen
Painting by
Beginning of Fairytale Books
Fairy Tales Told For Children
Fairy Tales
The Ice-Maiden
Illustrated byAlfred Walter Bayes
Died on August 4th, 1875
In Copenhagen
Specifically the Assistens Cemetary
Fell out of bed and never healed
Liver Cancer
Riborg Voigt
Daughter of a wealthy shopkeeper and merchant, Laurits Peter Voigt
Married her childhood sweetheart
Sophie Orsted
Daughter of physicist Hans Christian Orsted
Discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields
Louise Collin
Youngest daughter of his benefactor Jonas Collin
Jenny Lind AKA "Swedish Nightengale"
Henrik Stampe
Heir to the barony of Stampenborg
Used me to meet Joanna (wife)
They stablished a close relationship until he married Joanna
Love Life
Carl Alexander
Duke of Saxe Weimar Eisenach
Close friends
Good hospitality and welcomed Jenny Lind as well
Edvard Collin
Preferred women
Best friends
The Little Match Girl
Hans Christian Andersen
Written by: Jens Andersen

Very popular Singer
Found Andersen childish
Toured Europe
Bumped into Andersen at Weimar
My Relatives
Anne Sorensdatter
In 1773, she was in prison for "committing fornication"
Christiane Jansen
His mom's half-sister
Thus leaving Jansen bitter when I needed her help
Anders "Traes" Hansen
Locked up in 1820s
Wore flower wreaths
Carried baskets of wood carved animals
Karen Marie
Daughter of Daniel Jorgensen Rosenvinge
Copenhagen Environment
100000 People
Four times the rats and larger animals
Horses & Cows
People and animals are crowded together
Forced to live together as well
Overpopulated to the point where animals lived on balconies
No sewage system
Lots of diseases
Gastric fever, typhoid, measles, roseola (infection), influenza (flu), diarrhea, and dysentry (intestine inflammation
Lots of prostitution
Slagelse Grammar School
Simon Meisling
Head of Slagelse Grammar School by Herr Mynster
He was generally harsh towards me
Meisling became kinder within a year and a half
He is after a job in Helsingor as headmaster
I was used as a key to open the door to his success
Meisling persuded me to live with him
I moved in (1825)
Everything was going well and he had the job as headmaster
In July and August (1826) hatred and arguments began occuring
Possibly from finances and marriage problems
Because of this, the relationship at school went from good to worse
I was called "a monster", "an idiot, an utterly, brutishly stupid boy"
I had to face his mood swings
I was in financial distress
I lived with Madame Thorgesen
I lived in her pantry
Year and a half
Rent rose
I found lodging with Madame Henckel
Wife of a coxwain
Father Figures
H.C Orsted
Close friends
Jonas Collin
Jonas Collins II
Son of Edvard
Close relationship
Traveled together
Never married until after my death
I did not bring any honor to the school
Poetry was forbidden so I had to write in secret
"The Dying Child"
"Rhyming Demon" was what I called my thirst for poetry
My fight with Meisling worsened
A new teacher, Christian Weliin, came to the school
Spoke to Jonas about Meisling's poor methods to teach
April 14th, 1827, Jonas agrees to get me a private tutor
Ludvig Christian Muller
Finished school in 1828
-Why was I able to achieve my accomplishments?
-Frustrations and disappointments
A travalogue
Book or film that shows what a traveller experiences on a journey
Story that represents him as a Romantic writer
The Shadow Picture
Unhappy love relationship that I experienced
Picture book without pictures
Writing with poetic qualities
I met Charles Dickens
Victor Hugo

What surprised me about Andersen
Why do I think Jens Andersen wrote about Andersen
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