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A Guided Approach to Implementing One-to-One Routing

Genesys G-Force Melbourne 2013 James Walford

James Walford

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of A Guided Approach to Implementing One-to-One Routing

James Walford
Genesys Principal PS Consultant
Routing SME & Solution Architect
Genesys Certified Professional - GCP8-CIV
"Understand customer value and opportunity value
when evaluating the handling of an interaction.”
The Contact Centre Reality
Maximizing Customer Value
James Walford
One-to-One Routing
The Contact Centre Reality
Multi-Channel Routing
The Virtual Contact Centre
Architecting for Change
Key Takeaways
Employee Skill Set
Customer Value
- Business Case
Forbes Fortune Global 500
Cross-channel Conversations
Systems, channels, and applications that operate in silos, creating an inconsistent customer experience and increased customer service costs.

Find the right employee for you customer, no matter where they are
Increased control and agility for the business user
Reduce maintenance and deployment cost for heterogeneous infrastructure

Genesys Health Check
Maximizing Customer Value
The Value of the Virtual Contact Centre
Rapidly Expanding Business

Centralized Architecture

Virtualisation Across 6 Contact Centres

High Call Volume - 300+ Calls Per Second
In today's evolving contact centre space we need to demolish the silo’s increasing agent utilization.

The Virtual Contact Centre
Benefits of a Virtual Contact Centre
A Guided Approach to Implementing
One-to-One Routing

James Walford – Genesys Principal PS Consultant
Routing SME & Solution Architect

G-Force APAC | August 2013

Let’s Talk Best Practices

Exceptional Customer Experiences
Limited Number of Agents

Limited Skills Available

Variable Volume of Calls

High Customer Expectations

Inconsistent Customer Experience

3th Largest Company in Japan
6th Largest Company in Belgium
7th Largest Company in Australia
15th Largest Company in Thailand
1st Largest Company in China
1st Largest Company in Australia
2nd Largest Company in Thailand
3rd Largest Company in Australia
4th Largest Company in Brazil
“Each time an adjustment is needed for items like skill expressions, target timeouts, service level goals, or virtual queues, build a structure where those changes can be easily applied through a centralized data source, rather than spending excessive cycles rewriting and regression testing routing logic.”

Where to Get More Information...
In Person
Drop by one of the Genesys booths for a thorough demonstration by one of our attentive and knowledgeable staff...
Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.
- John Wayne

Identify Your Customers - Segmentation
Customer ID
Account Number
Email Address
Twitter Handle
Voice Biometrics
Mobile Applications
Virtualisation - Business Case
Multi-Channel Routing
"Understand who the customer is, identify the customer's intent, and then direct the interaction to the most cost effective resource to completely satisfy their request, no matter the channel used by the client."
Get the latest G-Force updates on Twitter at #GFORCE13
G-Force Melbourne 2013
Coming Soon - Replays of your favorite presentations
Customer & Agent Association
NPS/Satisfaction Score?
Language Skills?
Mass Market
Low Value
Proactively Engage
Create Relationship
Dedicated Agents
Manage Cost of Service
Sell Reactively
Tightly manage service cost
Engage your most valuable customers
Deflect your most costly customers
Managing Change - Business Case
Additional Information
Key Takeaways
7500 Agents
3,000 Skill changes per day
Manually manipulating skills to adjust the contact routing causes problems.
Know when to STOP
Customer Experience
500 Agents
44,000 Skill changes per day
Don't simply copy your ACD
Skills based routing can be simple or complex
Add enough intelligence to prevent the 'skill-change-syndrome'
Optimise Agent Utilisation
Reduce TCO
Customer Segmentation
Exceptional Customer Experiences
Architecting for Change
One-to-One Routing
Maximizing Customer Value
Multi-Channel Routing
The Virtual Contact Centre
Universal Queue of Work
Agent Utilization
Utilize Variables
Flexibility & Simplicity in Making Changes
Realize the business benefits of your existing Genesys solution and accelerate your ROI with a comprehensive technical analysis.
your Genesys solution is designed and configured to meet your changing and future business needs
business challenges and recommendations for improvement
the full potential of your Genesys solution and maximize the return on your investment
Best Practices for Contact Centre Routing
Conversation Manager
Multi-Channel Routing
Virtual Contact Centre
SIP Solution
G-Force Melbourne 2013
Agent skill proficiency
Are resources with the required skills available?
Are any high-performing Agents available (supplementary skills / high skill proficiency)?
If yes, route to the best-skilled, least occupied resource (
Exceptional Customer Experience
If no, look for anyone with the generalized skill set (
Business as Usual
If service level is critical, look to borrow available virtual resources per skill and conditions (
Planning for the Unexpected
When a customer is identified as high-value or with specialized need, check the following:
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