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Whitman Massacre

No description

Chris Santos

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Whitman Massacre

Background and History

Marcus Whitman and part of his mission were murdered by a group of Cayuse indians on Nov, 29th 1847.
Marcus Whitman was looking to Christianize the NW. Whitman was born in NY on sept 4th 1802. He stopped in Liberty Missouri to start his mission. Marcus married Narcissa Whitman and had a child named Alice Clarissa.
The Whitmans and 11 others where killed out of 72 people currently staying on the mission.
The attackers names were Tiloukaikt, Tomahas, Klokomas, Kiamsump, Iaainchlakis and Endoklamig.
The Cayuse indians were working together since the Whitmans were on Cayuse land. The indians grew tired of supplying almost everything for the missionaries
. This included food grown on crops, animal meat from hunting and they built structures to live in.
When the attackers arrived they concealed their weapons in their clothes
While one attacker distracted Whitman in a conversation the others killed him by whacking him in the back of the head with a tomahawk
. The Cayuse had many reasons to why they had killed the people. One reason is because
the number of immigrant rapidly joining the mission frightened the the indians. Lastly the indians were also losing land to the growing mission.
Since the Whitman's goal was to Christianize the NW they also tried to blend the indians religion with theirs, Presbyterian. The Whitman mission began to steal the indians cultural activities, like horse riding, dancing and also singing. This made the cayuse tribe mad and was another reason why they killed the Whitman's.
Whitman Massacre
By: Lex Lyman P: 4
After the murder, the indians took around 40 hostages in exchange for lot's of money. After a while, the Hudson Bay Fur Company payed the indians in exchange for the hostages. There was a war that followed this event called the indian war. In the war the indians lost more men than they killed. Tiloukikt and Tomahas, The Cayuse indian cheifs attempted to explain to why they had killed the whites but the explanation was not accepted. The Whitman massacre is also known as the walla walla massacre The attack changed the way christians looked at Native Americans. This event was one of the biggest event in Northwest history.
Has anyone here ever been to Walla Walla Washington? That's where the Whitman massacre happened and that is my topic.
Marcus And Narcissa Whitman
Walla Walla River
The Whitman massacre occurred about 7 miles west of present day walla walla The land was flatted for the mission for crops and buildings. The walla walla river lies at the foot of the blue Mts. Mill creek, where the mission was near follows through the city of walla walla, joins the walla walla river at the Whitman mission west of the city.
Tomahawk used by attackers
Thanks for Listening!
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